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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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The First Washington – Part 2

(Note: See Part 1) The town boasts of being the first named after President George Washington. While I can understand their having pride in that, it’s the barbecue sauce that first made it stand out for me. We’re not here to discuss the possible uses of cider vinegar, so I saved that for and… (read more)

The First Washington (Part 1)

Funny how those of us with a photography problem can take something amazing like a riverside view of an autumn sunset and turn it into something disappointing. I sat in the departure gate and snapped on a manual focus telephoto lens, then aimed my camera around at the various travelers sitting across the room. I… (read more)


My department has shifted to remote install when the customer is amenable to it. So, rather than fly off to somewhere new when my next turn at a new installation came up, I drove into the office as usual, then sequestered myself in a vacant corner office. That last part, I didn’t mind at all…. (read more)

Canada: The Shots That Time Forgot (Part 2)

(Also see the first Canada : The Shots That Time Forgot) I left this out of my post-trip posts because I thought it warranted an entry all its own. It made a big impression on me and left me with a big question. There’s a sport in Canada, created by a Canadian, played only in… (read more)