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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Legislating College Football

I moved to the Dallas metro area a little more than four years ago. Driving past the behemoth high school football stadiums and listening to horror stories of seven-year-olds suffering broken bones during practice reminds me just how important football is to sports fans in this state. With the undefeated TCU Horned Frogs hailing from… (read more)

A Good Deed Spoiled

I’m a huge fan of a young woman I’ve never met, and never heard of until Thursday night. Not because she’s a celebrity; not because she’s beautiful (which she definitely is); not because she’s ranked sixth in the world in her sport; not because she’s (almost) famous. I like Caroline Wozniacki, 19, because she made… (read more)

Crystal Clarity (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:DSC_6854_sm_blog.JPG,full,pp_image] (click to enlarge) Oh, yeah, three of our boys are in their third season playing on the same team together. — mother of a boy on the most recent team to hand Benjamin’s team their heads on a platter The quality of mercy is not strain’d. — Shakespeare

Honda-Drivin’ Soccer Dad*

[photopress:DSC_2526_sm_blog.JPG,full,centered] (click to enlarge) “Daddy, will I get fruit foot again?” “You mean Fruit by the Foot? I don’t know, maybe.” Despite his query regarding the post-game snack, Benjamin’s interest in attacking the ball has gone up in direct proportion to the number of games he has played. Well, I suppose not even going out… (read more)