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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Dribble Dabbler

The last time I mentioned dribbling, it was because my baby son’s salivary control was practically non-existent. Actually, I don’t think I was blogging yet at that point, so I probably didn’t mention it. Consider yourself fortunate. Now, it’s all about repeatedly bouncing a basketball, slobber not included. Benjamin is eight years old for about… (read more)

Not Quite Rollerball

3480 It wasn’t as rough as I expected. I don’t think anybody bled a single drop, and only a few times did anyone slam to the floor. I attended a roller derby for the first time on Saturday night, and it happened to be championship night for the Dallas Derby Devils league. In this league… (read more)

I’m Still Not Sure What Icing Is

Considering yesterday’s gold medal hockey match featured the USA vs. Canada, I found this timely. Until three weeks ago, I had never been to a hockey game. In fact, besides back in 1980 when the USA defeated the Soviets, I had never watched one at all. Always anxious for an excuse to take pictures, I… (read more)

Turning the Spotlight Around

Thanks to their perch, these photographers at the Dallas White Rock Marathon finish line were about the only things I could see besides the spectators. (click pic to enlarge)   Nikon D50 200mm Nikkor manual focus f/4 (best guess) 1/1600 sec Manual Exposure