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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Lumps of Air

“Okay, you start changing, and I’ll come back to check on you in a minute,” I said. Hanging around while he changes almost guarantees he will waste time putting on the Benjamin show instead of changing into his pajamas. A carefully orchestrated series of distractions, it simultaneously entertains the boy and frustrates the parent. “Hey,… (read more)

You Can Lead a Zorse to Water, but You Canta-Banana

Some may remember the Liger from Napoleon Dynamite. It is the animal that results from the combination of a lion and a tiger, and it is real. So are the Zonkey, the Zorse, and the Pizzly. Don’t believe it? See the link below. For years I believed that the nectarine is a hybrid of… (read more)

Dr. Strange Legs

Both of us chewed our bites as we looked at the crispy rice bar package. “Why is there a 2-8-9 right there?” Ben said. “That says 28 grams. That’s how much it weighs.” “How much it weighs?” “Well, actually, that’s the mass.” “What is mass?” I was fortunate that after just a few seconds of… (read more)

Send Letters of Support

Today I have a question for the readers. A challenge of sorts, I guess one could say. Don’t worry; I’m soliciting your mind, not your wallet. On New Year’s Day, while watching Benjamin draw and color things on a portable dry-erase board, I said, “What do you see in that ladder?” “What?” he said. “What… (read more)