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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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That’s No Museum

(Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts about the first meeting of three online friends.) At least one of you has looked at kids in those crawl tubes at fast-food restaurants and thought, “I wish they had that for adults.” On my recent trip to St. Louis, a unique place granted that… (read more)

Hey, Arboretum

[photopress:DSC_1899_sm_blog.JPG,full,centered] (click any pic to enlarge and sharpen) The Dallas Arboretum is the centerpiece in an oasis in a concrete jungle. Plus, the deli makes a great panini. Shannon and I loaded up her father and Ben in the minivan and headed out last Sunday for a warm, overcast-then-sunny afternoon among the flowers. Every city’s… (read more)

Friends and Neighbors

Click to enlarge and sharpen (sorry, no slideshow option now, but I’m working on it — but please don’t suggest a free photo hosting site, because I refuse to use one that my work Internet filters block). [photopress:DSC_1655_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,centered][photopress:DSC_1656_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,centered][photopress:DSC_1657_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,centered][photopress:DSC_1660_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,centered][photopress:DSC_1665_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,centered]

Real Inspiration for Bernie

(Note: Those reading “Bernie,” please continue today with Part Three) When I finished up late that Thursday night making a video and doing crazy voices at Moksha’s house, I stopped at the picturesque private college nearby. The snow continued falling fast and steady, with about three inches already on the ground. I missed wooded parks… (read more)