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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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No Plan for Devil’s Eyebrow

We wanted to explore a new Natural Area that had been dedicated in 2012. There were no trail maps, no directions explaining where to see the best spots. No GPS coordinates for waterfalls or cascades. Nothing saying, “then turn left here.” (click any image to enlarge) It was January, 2015, and the directions I found… (read more)

Photographic Finale (Ozarks Weekend Part 8)

(concluded from Part 7) 3575 What a grand trip back to our home state. Here are several shots, some from “downtime” when we weren’t out hiking or driving, un-cropped but taken with two different cameras that feature different aspect ratios. Did I mention Long Pool Campground is a great place to camp? (click any pic… (read more)

Dam Fun

Finally, I have found a scenic spot within just 20 minutes’ drive of our home, and significantly closer to my work. I found it completely unexpectedly. Last week at work I saw a detailed map of Allen, Texas sitting on a break room table. Its cover featured a picture of a small waterfall going over… (read more)

Balloon Festival 2008 (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:dsc_6710_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] (click to enlarge) “Daddy, do we get to ride in one?” Benjamin said. “No, son. Most people who go to the Balloon Festival don’t get to ride in one,” I said. “But I want to ride in one,” he whined. “That’s not how it works, Ben,” Shannon said. “But I want to ride in… (read more)

Avast for the Black Mast

In a plan whipped up by my brother and me on Thursday, I got the second half of Friday off and whisked Benjamin away for his first cousin’s birthday party weekend. A six-hour drive later we arrived, and only after shaking off his nap did LC realize Ben really was right there in the same… (read more)