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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Stupefying Loss Precludes Veteran’s Day (Pic of the Week)

(Note: I meant “precedes,” but changing it now will break links) [photopress:goldsgymflag_092001_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] (click the pic for slightly bigger and sharper) Click here to download desktop wallpaper version (1024×768 resolution). As if timing could make anything like what happened at Fort Hood, Texas, on Thursday any more tragic, the shootings came within a week of Veteran’s… (read more)

Psychedelangelo (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:pano_whacky_place_sm_blog.jpg,full,pp_image] Click to enlarge this panoramic stitched from three shots (using the great and free Hugin).   J. Wilde’s is one of the more colorful places in San Angelo. It was closed when I dropped by on Sunday, but I got a few closer looks at the outdoor features. [photopress:IMG_1582_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,pp_image]     [photopress:IMG_1583_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,pp_image]