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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Fighting Attention Problems

We have stopped using the TV at our house on weeknights. Well, let me back up a step. We do not turn on the television before our son goes to bed. Baby steps, people. This is part of our effort to hit our son’s attention deficit disorder (ADD) from the environmental angle. Included in that… (read more)

Just a Simple Procedure

He made it sound so simple that it seemed too good to be true. To be fair, the trip to the ER had nothing to do with his work. He was going to perform the procedure without a needle and without a scalpel. Just a few high-pressure sprays of local anesthetic, reminiscent of the hypo… (read more)

Don’t Steep My Tea in Controversy

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life. I’m not the first one to say that, but I’m the one writing it at this moment. Thanks to the ease of finding information in today’s world, those simple things can get complicated very quickly. In the case of sweetness in a beverage, my tastebuds perhaps never will… (read more)

Sporadically Yours

By the time this hits the web, my son will have been fasting in preparation for closed reduction surgery on his right arm. That’s when the parts of a broken bone haven’t lined up properly during the first couple weeks of healing, and surgery is required to avoid subjecting a 7-year-old to a 6-9 month… (read more)

Just a Simple Drill and Fill

Overall my first filling went pretty well. The start, on the other hand, was a little rocky. I sat and the assistant tilted the chair so that my head was below the rest of my body. Then, from my right, she reached in with a long, cotton-tipped swab and rubbed it around the working area… (read more)