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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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New Banner and New Feature

I’m off work all week and we’re finally painting a few rooms in our house after living here almost three years. That’s a record for living in one home, by the way, in our nearly 16-year marriage. Do not read the rest of this unless you like boring update posts that don’t have any real… (read more)

Stump-Dodging DIY

Ben atop the “new” swingset (click to enlarge) As I have stated elsewhere, there are two types of people in this world: stump finders and stump dodgers. This is a sledding analogy. When sledding down a hill in or near the woods, the one who goes first is the stump finder. All who go after… (read more)

Call Somebody Today

(Note: New banner for April 2008 today. You might have to force a refresh in your browser. It’s a bush eating a fence.) After a somewhat difficult day at work Monday, it was great to talk on the phone with my wife for nearly 30 minutes. Her dad’s in town visiting — mostly while I’m… (read more)

It’s an Institution and Whatnot

There’s a little bustling going on in our house right now. Shannon busily packs up a brown grocery bag with light tortilla chips and a homemade southwest dressing for the huge chicken-strip salad she made. Personally, I’m going straight for the chili dogs when we get there. You see, we’re going to watch the Super… (read more)

Unlocked (Pic of the Week)

Thanks to all who answered my call for help on Thursday’s post. I think I came to some of the same conclusions in a comment or two that a few of you pointed out later, but no problem. It turns out that all the repetition moved me to action. If you read yesterday’s post, can… (read more)