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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Art Walk of the Wispy

3808 Benjamin uses sidewalk chalk from boxes shared among various children and adults inspired to create their own art on the sidewalk and stairs surrounding the McKinney Performing Arts Center (formerly the Collin County Courthouse). Each second Saturday, artists display their wares — some created on the spot — while locals and visitors wine, dine,… (read more)


3744 Benjamin makes quick work of the monkey bars. It is something that I don’t see him do often, so I was surprised at his upper-body strength. This is from the same playground series as the previously posted picture. (click pic to enlarge)

Fighting Ice with Ice

Ice and snow descended up northern Texas and shut down pretty much everything for four days straight. One of our friends who has lived here all her life said that the past two years have seen more snow and ice than in the 26 before that. 3710 I recently lamented that our son would not… (read more)

A Las Películas

3707 I handed my ticket to the teenager. She ripped it and handed me my stub. “You’re in theater 13, almost all the way down on the right,” she said. I turned to walk toward A and saw the light, colors, and solitude. Plus, a bald head always makes a good point of interest in… (read more)

The Messed-Up Day: Redemption Threatened

(concluded from: The Messed-Up Day: And Benjamin Waited) My work completed and both of us fed, I headed off with Benjamin. Finally we would take that Arbor Hills trip I had promised him since the first day he rode without training wheels. Lest anyone start figuring that since he’s seven, I must be awfully neglectful,… (read more)