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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Canada: The Shots That Time Forgot (Part 2)

(Also see the first Canada : The Shots That Time Forgot) I left this out of my post-trip posts because I thought it warranted an entry all its own. It made a big impression on me and left me with a big question. There’s a sport in Canada, created by a Canadian, played only in… (read more)

Blogfather III – No Zombies

The dragon’s roar fills the air. Moksha ascends the stairs alone as the mythic lizard turns his way. Simon calls out to me, “Hey, Mark, Dex doesn’t want to go, can you take Tav?” I need a good angle for my picture, and I don’t want to miss the blast of dragon fire. Tavish wraps… (read more)

Blogfather III – Capacious in Canada

(Previously: Fireside Chat) 3291 I tried to make a story out of our trip to the largest mall in North America, but I decided to let the pictures speak. My narrative description would have been based largely on these, anyway. When a mall contains more than 800 stores; a replica of the Santa Maria (scale… (read more)