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A Lasik Story

My wife and I kept a careful chronicle of her Lasik surgery experience. Below are the posts, in order, that cover the year-long ordeal.

Eyes of the Haggler – March 30, 2006
Pre-op post, for anyone interested in more background on the costs and Shannon’s research into the doctor.

Just Your Basic Lasik – April 4, 2006
Detailed account of the assembly-line clinic’s procedures.

Of Bo, Ben, and a Lady’s Eyes – April 9, 2006
First follow-up post (only the first part is about her eyes)

Eyes and DIY’s – April 11, 2006
Second follow-up post, where she goes to another eye clinic for an evaluation of her post-op eyes.

The Eyes Do Not Have It – May 23, 2006
Things are not going as planned.

Shan of the Modified Eyes – November 12, 2006
Progress post.

This Eye Believe – November 20, 2006
The account of the enhancement procedure on Shannon’s right eye, with first impressions from her and me.

I’ve Got My Ion Ewe – March 20, 2007
Complications with Shannon’s right eye and pain after her left eye enhancement.

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  1. i tried to get lasik years ago but the doctor told me my cornea was too thin when they were doing the necessary pre eye testing. supposely it needs to be a certain thickness for safe surgery. he said that there is a risk of my cornea collapsing if i went ahead. no thank you!… i’ll go with the hassles of glasses rather that being blind.


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