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Art Walk of the Wispy


Benjamin uses sidewalk chalk from boxes shared among various children and adults inspired to create their own art on the sidewalk and stairs surrounding the McKinney Performing Arts Center (formerly the Collin County Courthouse). Each second Saturday, artists display their wares — some created on the spot — while locals and visitors wine, dine, and stroll away the day. It is called Art Walk, and extends to about a block beyond the square on all sides. (photos of the art after the jump – click image to enlarge)


The boy and I left behind his mother, who still was suffering a nasty bout of pleurisy that made it painful to breathe deeply, laugh, cough, or move. That and springtime allergies made it a very poor time for her to get out for some fresh air.

When he wasn’t scraping a colored stick across cement, Benjamin pushed around on his scooter. I took pictures, people-watched, and reminded him to keep his wheels off the art. He smeared tracks across only a few of the works which, admittedly, were meant mostly to advertise the artist and/or a studio’s web site, and would not survive the next rain.

That rain came the very next night, so I’m glad I preserved some of these works.

3814 3816
3818 3804
3801 3810
3812 3822

Photo tech (top image):
Camera … Nikon D50
Aperture … f/5.6
Shutter Speed … 1/1600 sec
Exposure Program … Aperture Priority
Focal Length … 138 mm (35mm equivalent)
ISO .. 200
Metering Mode … Spot

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