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Good Girl


The canine may no longer be the top dog since we’ve had a child, but she still rates pretty high. Here she rests contentedly while the boy works on his diorama, just an hour or so after happily submitting to his belly rub. (click pic to enlarge)

Things weren’t always that smooth between the two.

When we first brought Cassie home from the rescue organization’s foster placement, she immediately took to us, but was not happy with the new level of competition that Benjamin brought. She cowered and growled any time he got close, and nipped at his leg once — fortunately for both without breaking the skin. I had told Shannon that she was going back at the first sign of trouble.

For years she wouldn’t follow when he tried to lead her to the back door, but changed her tune when he became a regular filler of her food bowl. Now she wags her stubby excuse for a tail and leans toward his outstretched hand, rather than avoiding him at all costs.

They have developed a relationship and, although Benjamin still occasionally laments the passing of sweet Lexie a few years ago, Cassie is the first pet with which he truly has formed a bond.

Funny how it’s almost the opposite for me. Lexie was our only “child” for nearly 11 years before Benjamin came along, my first pet since the steady stream of outdoor dogs back in my boyhood home. Saying goodbye to her was difficult for me.

While I have grown to love Cassie, it just isn’t and never could be the same after having a child. I hope she doesn’t read this.

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  1. No kidding… if she reads this, she’ll bite you! *L*


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