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Digging Deep Elm

There’s a small record label called Deep Elm Records, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company easily hooked my ears with its Deep Elm Samplers, available for free download in various file formats and compression levels. I can’t describe the musical styles because they vary widely, and my eclectic taste finds something to like in all of them. If you are looking for music that sounds like top 40, then don’t even bother.

So, without further rambling from this type-happy music lover, here is the link to free music goodness:

I have and highly recommend Bonfire of Trust (sampler 8), We Dream Alone (sampler 9), The World Won’t Spin Forever (sampler 10). If you download mp3 format, then the lyrics and the album covers will display on your iPod Touch (and maybe other devices).

To help support these artists, I am going to buy a few full albums from Deep Elm’s site. Honestly, I could see doing so for pretty much every band and solo artist on the samplers listed above.

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  1. Thanks for the support Mark! – Deep Elm

  2. Wow, excellent catch Mark! Great music.


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