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Fighting Ice with Ice

Ice and snow descended up northern Texas and shut down pretty much everything for four days straight.

One of our friends who has lived here all her life said that the past two years have seen more snow and ice than in the 26 before that.


I recently lamented that our son would not grow up knowing snow the way I did when I was young. At the time I was thinking of the sheer amount, but judging from recent events I must adjust that thinking. Although he won’t roar around a large pasture on a three-wheeler fishtailing on the snowy curves, he still can have fun in powdery white stuff. In fact, last year he and I found a great sledding hill after an 8-inch snow that stayed on the ground only about a day and a half (thawing the whole time).

Did I say “powdery?” Snow usually is heavy and wet here.

In this picture we finally had ventured out of the house after three days of being climatically sequestered. His choice of sweet treat? The self-serve frozen yogurt shop.

The overcast glow coming into the large windows up front made for perfect portrait lighting. By now our son is accustomed to having my camera pointed at him in even the most mundane situations. I was glad that I had taken my DSLR that day instead of my point-and-shoot. When a child is eating one quickly grows to appreciate the DSLR’s immediate shutter reaction time.

3 Responses to Fighting Ice with Ice

  1. Oh wow… when you click on the picture, you really see his freckles!

  2. “Climatically sequestered.” That could mean “snowed in” or “apogee of cabin fever.” I like it, as I do the photograph. Don’t tell him I said he’s beautiful.

  3. Dave – I know! They don’t even show up that well in real life. Something about the lighting that day.

    Pops – Yeah, “climatic sequestration” didn’t seem quite right. Oh, and I will not tell him what you said.


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