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Canada : The Shots that Time Forgot (Part 1)

The sheer number of photos I shot on my Canada trip last summer meant that not all of them made it into my narrative account. This series of posts aims to remedy that.


I am pleased to start it with the only photo not taken by me. In fact, using his trusty Nikon D40, Moksha aptly captured the spirit with which I approach any trip, regardless of its deeper significance.

I am standing on the lawn of the Alberta Legislature Building, and in the background are our gracious Canadian hosts, Simon and Amy. It was a grand structure, but closed by the time we arrived.

I hope that making photographs always will be a part of my life. What better way to ensure that than making great friends who live far away and love to ham it up? (though I suppose here in the US we would say they are “Canadian Baconing” it up.)

Following are a few shots I got that day. Notice Moksha standing in the fountain in one of them. Several others sloshed around in the water while we were there. Please try not to notice the grainy quality — I had used ISO 1600 the night before, by the fire, and forgot to change it back. I rarely ever change my ISO.

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  1. Nice shots Mark!

    You’ve captured some fun moments in time quite well there!


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