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Colors are Coming (Wandering Away from Work)


On my lunch hour Thursday I visited a spot that’s heavily wooded and bisected by a surprisingly full stream this time of year in north Texas (or anywhere else in the state, for that matter).

It’s a bit early yet for autumn’s most dramatic shifts in this area, so I decided to compose a shot after the enjoyable but photographically fruitless walk. I couldn’t identify the item in the center, but I’m pretty sure those flanking it are leaves.

I hope that wherever you live features season changes. There’s really nothing quite like when Nature puts on a full face of makeup and then abruptly washes it off to reveal the intricate structure underneath.

2 Responses to Colors are Coming (Wandering Away from Work)

  1. Most of the trees up here have changed, and many leaves have fallen already Mark… this morning, going to work, it was 34 degrees. *shiver*

  2. That is a bit chilly yet for our neck of the woods. Speaking of woods, I should have some great pics for next week after this weekend. All I will say now — have to get ready to go. Have a good one, all!


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