Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Discover or Re-Discover?

The feeling of discovery cannot be imitated intellectually or emotionally. I think that is why I typically favor visits to new places versus repeat trips, part ones versus sequels, et cetera.

Outdoor destinations, however, can offer something new with each visit. At the least, seasonal changes mean different colors and varied views, while weather patterns dictate daily and annual water flow. That is, if you live where the seasons actually change.

Besides flora, there’s fauna. I experienced that difference on my Monday visit to the circa 1874 Allen train dam, and for much of it I didn’t need open eyes.


While recording the white noise of the water flowing over the dam, I heard a distinctive squawking to my left. I turned and slowly made my way toward the sound, to find a few blue jays flitting about the branches overhead. (You may notice my casual attire — it was shorts and sandals week at work.)

If you see the embedded player, click the play button to hear these birds calling out what some say is “Thief, thief!” Whatever they’re saying, it sounds like disapproval of some sort. Headphones or earbuds make it a more immersive experience. Closing your eyes makes it even better.

The chirp in the background is a northern cardinal; the soft white noise is the water flowing over the train dam; and the louder noise is Highway 75, less than a mile to the right.

I think from now on I’ll need to focus on re-discovery for my sporadic Wandering Away from Work series, as I’ve pretty much covered the outdoor destinations I can reach over my lunch hour. Now that it is not quite 90 degrees before 11 a.m., I might do this more often again.