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Not Quite Rollerball


It wasn’t as rough as I expected. I don’t think anybody bled a single drop, and only a few times did anyone slam to the floor.

I attended a roller derby for the first time on Saturday night, and it happened to be championship night for the Dallas Derby Devils league. In this league the rink is flat, which was much different from the sloped tracks I had seen in movies.


I found out about it through a co-worker who is an amateur filmmaker. When he isn’t shooting weddings or documentaries or women on skates hip-checking one another, he helps run the website He’s the one whose movie set I visited to do still shots for the media release.

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I called my buddy Alvis, also a photography buff, who coincidentally was fresh off his first viewing of the new movie Whip It. He came over and picked me up for the hour-long drive. We arrived to a crowded parking lot and had to park in the grass.


The men skated an exhibition match while the announcer’s explained to “derby virgins” just how it all works. I was glad for that, because I hadn’t the foggiest notion of the rules or the players’ motivation. In fact, I was surprised there was no ball involved. There was in 1975’s Rollerball.

The ladies had handles like “Uma Vermin,” and “Jackie O’Nice Ass.” Several were very clever, but I left any chance of recollecting them on the hard metal bleachers with my program.

It was a fun night, but I don’t feel compelled to go again.


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  1. *chuckling* Yeah… I could see why you left your program there… Roller Derby wouldn’t do anything for me either…


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