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Blogfather III – Not Your Father’s Fondue

(Previously: No Zombies)

Little did I know we would be doing all the cooking, and Simon’s wife would be doing most of the flirting with Lisa.

Lisa was our server, and from the start we all liked her. While educating us about the fondue experience, she flashed a sweet but sincere smile and said that the cook pot is very hot and we needed to be careful.

“If something happens, don’t worry, I’m also a nurse,” she said.

“When do you do that?” I said.

“Days. I left my shift and came straight here.”

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“So you’re on your feet all day and now you stay on your feet all night?” I said.

“Yep, but I have these great butt-toning shoes.”

“How are they working out for you?” Amy said.

We all craned our necks to look around behind Lisa.

She laughed. “Well, why don’t you watch as I walk away, and then tell me what you think when I come back?”

We watched, but the dim lighting and her black pants made it impossible for me to discern any gluteal details. I didn’t have the heart to mention that I had just read an article debunking shoe manufacturers’ butt-toning claims.

When she returned, she said, “So, what did you think?”

“I think the shoes are working for you,” Amy said.

“Thanks!” Lisa said through a wide, toothy grin.

After placing our raw food in front of us, Lisa explained how we should cook it. “If it walks on land, cook it for 2 minutes. If it swims in the sea, cook it for one and a half minutes. And veggies swim in the sea.”

For $23 I got several large shrimp, cubes of chicken breast, and cubes of lean beef steak. I won’t say I barely shoved it all in, but with our eating pace considerably slowed by the cooking process, I felt full before I finished.


By the time we left, Amy had told Lisa she was going to add her to her Facebook friends and create a fan page for her. I admit she was a skilled server, and very friendly, but I wonder whether waiting tables was the thing for which she wanted to be known.

“If you’re as good at nursing as you are at this, then you have very lucky patients,” I said.

“Oh, I’m a great nurse,” Lisa said.

I didn’t need to go all the way to Canada to experience three hours of fondue dinner wonderment. In fact, the very same restaurant chain – The Melting Pot – has a location just a few miles down the road from us.

The difference was that I had my Internet buddies there with me. Yes, I said it out loud. Again. I met these guys (and the one wife present) on the Internet. Lisa’s great attitude made it a standout night, too.

3 Responses to Blogfather III – Not Your Father’s Fondue

  1. Simon’s wife… flirting with the waitress??? Hmmmmm

  2. Internet buddies HIGH FIVE!!

    Yes, Dave, my wife was flirting a bit with the waitress. It was HAWT.

    Was a lot of fun trying that restaurant for the the first time ever with you and Moksha, Mark. Amy and I will certainly head back there eventually, and I will NOT lock the keys in the car again, either.

  3. Dave – see Simon’s answer

    Simon – I still feel the sting of that virtual HIGH FIVE.

    You noticed that I didn’t mention the whole keys debacle. I was trying to leave a shred of your dignity intact. I know, I know, should have known better.


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