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Blogfather III – No Zombies

The dragon’s roar fills the air. Moksha ascends the stairs alone as the mythic lizard turns his way.

Simon calls out to me, “Hey, Mark, Dex doesn’t want to go, can you take Tav?”

I need a good angle for my picture, and I don’t want to miss the blast of dragon fire. Tavish wraps himself around me and I climb the stairs two at a time. Moksha takes him so I can ready my camera. (click any pic to enlarge)


The beast opens its mouth and discharges a blaze that sends me back a step. I steel myself for the next blast to get what I can in the split second given me.


There are no zombies, despite George Romero’s best efforts, and there is no silly, overweight cop acting like a fool. I remind myself that we are not in America, where one would expect those things. Nope, we are in Canada.

Instead we “settle” for a fire-breathing dragon and a larger-than-life Yoda, which I already featured here. Much less deadly and wiser than the zombies and Paul Blart, respectively, the dragon breathes real fire straight at us, and Yoda hovers over the automated ticket buying machines, presumably ready to comment on each decision.


On top of that, Simon shows us the place he used as a meeting spot with friends when he was a youngster. So, the mall is big, but it also is personal.

After the Mindbender, Simon and Moksha take a more leisurely ride that looks like the results of a roller coaster mating with a Tilt-a-Whirl. I run around the indoor amusement park snapping pictures while Amy and the kids find an operational Whack-a-Mole machine.

All in all, a great day at the mall.

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One Response to Blogfather III – No Zombies

  1. I wasn’t too sure, Mark, if you’d been able to capture my wave as Moksha and I careened around the yellow track on that unholy marriage between a roller coaster and a tilt-a-whirl. Nice to see you got it.

    And the only reason, of course, that you didn’t see any zombies while we were there was because of how early we went. Had we stayed later into the afternoon, we may have caught the zombie parade down the central hallway of the mall. There are usually one or two wayward children that get caught by the mob of undead, and I didn’t want my own kids accidentally exposed to that, careful though we normally try to be.


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