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Blogfather III – Capacious in Canada

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I tried to make a story out of our trip to the largest mall in North America, but I decided to let the pictures speak. My narrative description would have been based largely on these, anyway.

When a mall contains more than 800 stores; a replica of the Santa Maria (scale uncertain); a full-sized amusement park with the Mindbender and other roller coasters; an ice rink; and a water park complete with a wave pool as large as two (American) football fields, what exactly can I say?


That is an inept summary of the West Edmonton Mall, but the following pictures help tell the story. (click any pic to enlarge)

(Next in the series: No Zombies)




My camera was still set on 1600 ISO from the plane right into Canada, so these are a bit grainy.

4 Responses to Blogfather III – Capacious in Canada

  1. Very cool…. I’ve been to the Mall of America which is almost as big, but this one is beautiful!

  2. Dave – I was surprised Edmonton’s mall is bigger, and was the largest in the world for more than 20 years (until 2004).

  3. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the Santa Maria is a 3/4 scale model. Which, given the voyage she undertook, shows you just how small the ship really was to cross the Atlantic, not knowing the final destination!

    Those pics are a lot better than many I’ve seen in promotional material, Mark, so even though the ISO was apparently too high, they turned out beautifully! I so rarely head to that mall any more that it was sort of fun to tour you guys through for the better part of a morning, and get a tiny bit of shopping in as well.

  4. Holy Mallaroni, Batman!


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