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Texas Doesn’t Need Salvador Dali (Pic of the Week)

I bound down the stairs and out the door to my car. I squint against the sun and nearly speed walk to my parking spot. Although it’s 90 degrees outside, after eight hours of air conditioned existence I look forward to the intense and welcoming warmth of my car.

Cardinals chirp in nearby woods while mockingbirds sing their protest songs.

As I turn the key to unlock the driver’s side door, on the passenger’s seat I notice something brand new to me (click any pic to enlarge).

2970     2973

I’m fortunate that it was nothing irreplaceable or expensive. As one who has lived in spots featuring summers topping 100 degrees and stored a selection of CD’s in his car since 1990, I’m surprised this has never happened to me before now.

Reminder to self: do not ever leave anything plastic and valuable in the car in spring or summer in Texas.

(Before anyone asks, the CD came out looking much better than the case, but was warped enough that it would not play.)

7 Responses to Texas Doesn’t Need Salvador Dali (Pic of the Week)

  1. The CD was warped, but what about the driver? *LOL*

    Have a great weekend bud

  2. Lemme get this straight: you first “bound” down the stairs, and then only “nearly speedwalk” to your vehicle? In my estimation, a sense of urgency that first elicits bounding should, at the very least, incite one to a light jog toward a vehicle, if not an outright run. Or was the transition from an air-conditioned environment to the merciless exterior (as evinced by the photos here) enough to sap the urgency that first caused you to bound?

    Either way (and, uh, gentle mockery aside), that pic is rather impressive, not least because it’s something I doubt I’d EVER see ’round these parts.

  3. I lost a few cds that way down in Miami. Learned that they fair better in the console rather than on the leather seats. Did it leave a mark on your seats?

    I’m also curious about this soundtrack you had been listening to.

  4. With all that bounding, squinting, and speed walking, I was expecting something about Superman and sunglasses. ;-)

  5. Dave – That goes without saying.

    Simon – The stairway allows me to bound in privacy. I chill out once I’m back in the hallway and out in the parking lot.

    Moksha – No mark on the seats, but there was a melted plastic smell in the air. The soundtrack is something I started putting together as something to listen to on the way to Canada in June, and then I thought I might share it. I have a rough draft of the CD cover. We’ll see how that comes out.

    Charles – I missed my chance. I totally should have been wearing a cape.

  6. I thought I was the only crazy who looks forward to climbing into a hot car after a day of AC. Seriously, I love it.
    I no longer have a CD player in my Avalon due to the warpage of an adhesive cd label that curled in the heat and made it impossible to eject from the player. Thank goodness for the iPod hook-up thing PD installed for me. Driving is not driving without musical accompaniment.

  7. Wink – Yikes! I’ll have to keep that in mind, as I have a few CD’s (made by friends) that feature those adhesive labels. I’ve heard that I shouldn’t use a Sharpie on the CD’s, but it hasn’t hurt them after several years of doing it that way.


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