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Space Aliens are Strangers, Too

(Note: Those reading “Shootings” may continue in Part Ten.)

Aren’t there former civilizations on Earth who wish they had never seen an explorer, and who did everything in their power to stop them from invading their territory?

Me, October 26, 2005, questioning whether contact with extraterrestrials would be a good thing for humans.

If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.

Stephen Hawking, April 2010, speaking in his new Discovery Channel special “Into the Universe.”

I would never compare my mental abilities to those of Stephen Hawking. Because this is the first time I’ve said anything before a highly-respected genius did, I thought I would use it here regardless of the topic.

While his genius probably makes him a better prognosticator than most, Hawking does not know exactly why life from another planet would (if they could) arrive at Earth. If I share only one thing with him, however, I’ll take portents of doom.

Hawking also says in the Discovery Channel special that humans should stop trying to communicate with extraterrestrial life forms, deeming it “a little too risky.”

So, it took a world-renowned mind to tell us, “Don’t talk to strangers.”

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3 Responses to Space Aliens are Strangers, Too

  1. While the comparison can be drawn between aliens arriving here and the Europeans arriving in America, I hold out the belief (unfounded?) that the most telling difference between the visitors in each scenario is that, in the former case, a species will have to have achieved such a level of intellegence and technology even to be able to arrive here that the mere thought of anything resembling conquest or subjugation would never enter into it.

    But then I’m an idealist that way and think it would be pretty darned cool to meet an alien.

  2. I would expect nothing less from a guy who applied to be an astronaut.

    I guess maybe I’m projecting humans’ motives onto those of our unknown cosmic brethren. We build bigger, stronger, faster craft to make war or to make money (or both!) or to go find more of what has become precious to us. Here’s hoping that if they have the latter motive, they will barter instead of just robbing us.

  3. My daughter told me about his words last night (at my house while she recovers from some minor surgery), and I thought about it, and said Wow… no wonder he’s so darn smart!


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