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Turning the Spotlight Around

Thanks to their perch, these photographers at the Dallas White Rock Marathon finish line were about the only things I could see besides the spectators. (click pic to enlarge)

Photographers at the Finish

Nikon D50
200mm Nikkor manual focus
f/4 (best guess)
1/1600 sec
Manual Exposure

6 Responses to Turning the Spotlight Around

  1. Another very cool picture… amazing how the guy closest to us is so muted without the sun shining on his yellow coat!

  2. I guess to be a photographer of any merit, you really do have to have at least a monopod, or preferably a tri-pod, from which to take steadier pics, eh? I should get on that.

  3. PS — do you have too many zeroes in your exposure time, or can you really snap pics that fast?? (Asked out of pure ignorance.)

  4. Dave – Yes, that one guy wouldn’t come out of the shadows. I so wanted to be up on that platform.

    Simon – Funny you mention it, because I was using my monopod that day.

    As far as your ignorance goes, when I say that the 1/1600 sec was a manual exposure, I just mean that I manually changed the settings so that when I pressed the shutter button, the camera held the shutter open for 1/1600 of a second. At f/4 (open fairly wide) on a sunny day and ISO 200 (lowest my D50 goes), the shutter speed must be fairly fast to not be too bright. Now you should start to understand why the sports photographers’ lenses are so huge (not the sheer zoom power, but the f/2.8 to which they can open up and let in light, thereby allowing fast shutter speeds even on overcast days).

  5. Oh, and to clarify — I was setting all of this manually not to be a hotshot, but because I had broken my newer zoom lens and had to resort to an old, manual focus lens that does not “talk” to my camera body at all. Optically superior, yes, but its stupidity requires the user to make all the settings. A much more expensive Nikon digital camera would at least make light meter readings with it, but I’m not there yet.

  6. It looks like they’re at the starting gate of some strange photographers’ race. Not sure what the rules would be…but I can hope that they’d be allowed to whack each other with their monopods.


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