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Wandering Away from Work (Four) – Pic of the Week

As one who brings his lunch to work, I rarely get out of the office until quitting time. When the weather’s right, however, I can be found wandering away from work. I have made a few discoveries along the way.

Hold Tight
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On the way into work Thursday morning a stream caught my eye, but I didn’t have time to stop and take pictures. Come lunch time it was a welcome break for someone taking his midday meal two hours later than usual.

I parked my car next to the suburban street curb, finished my lunch, and then wandered over to the stream to see what my camera and I could do. In the picture above, note how clear the water is all the way to the bottom, and the curvature of the water where the surface tension holds up the leaves.

Because the clouds and the wind combined to give me a variety of lighting situations, I’ll be using this trip for examples in instructional posts. I haven’t written anything like that in a while.

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3 Responses to Wandering Away from Work (Four) – Pic of the Week

  1. Wow, what an outstanding picture Mark!!!
    The detail is great… *S*

    Have a great weekend bud.

  2. Mark, it wasn’t until I read the photo caption that I realised the stem of one leaf seemed to be clutching the tip of the other. That was a nice catch there!

  3. Interesting shot, Mark. I love the way it highlights the surface tension on the water. The leaves holding hands thing is cool too ;)


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