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Stupefying Loss Precludes Veteran’s Day (Pic of the Week)

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As if timing could make anything like what happened at Fort Hood, Texas, on Thursday any more tragic, the shootings came within a week of Veteran’s Day here in the United States. I’m sure that the meaning of the holiday will be thrust to the forefront of the country’s consciousness, only to be drowned out by store-wide sales events again next year.

I took the photo above while attending a patriotic parade in Bentonville, Arkansas on the Saturday following September 11, 2001. I present it again as nothing more than an image supporting those who have served, those who have fallen, and those left behind by their loss.

And this time, what a heart-wrenching loss it was.

4 Responses to Stupefying Loss Precludes Veteran’s Day (Pic of the Week)

  1. What a beautiful picture to accompany this mention of such a tragic event. Praying for everyone affected by the shootings at Ft. Hood.

  2. The timing of this tragic event really is quite poignant. And I can certainly attest that it’s making international headlines. Everyone loves a spectacle, and the military makes it even more alluring.

    I hope it doesn’t cast too large a pall over the rest of next week’s memorial activities.

  3. Beautiful picture and a reminder (as this week was) of the lives that are lost (whether abroad or at home) for our freedom.

  4. Beautiful picture, and words Mark…

    So sad what happened at Ft. Hood…


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