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Psychedelangelo (Pic of the Week)

Click to enlarge this panoramic stitched from three shots (using the great and free Hugin).


J. Wilde’s is one of the more colorful places in San Angelo. It was closed when I dropped by on Sunday, but I got a few closer looks at the outdoor features.

[photopress:IMG_1582_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,pp_image]     [photopress:IMG_1583_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,pp_image]


4 Responses to Psychedelangelo (Pic of the Week)

  1. I’ve never seen on one of those smoker deals made to look like a fish. Cool. It looks like there should be a stage show at 1, 3, and 5 PM on that boardwalk. Something with lots of singing and guys jumping on those lamp posts starring at the sky. And for some reason the opening music to Austin Powers jumps in my head.

  2. It seems very appropriate that the rusty gas pump out the front of the store reads, “Fill with fashion”. And the bike is sort of trippy looking.

    Nice work on the stitched panoramic shot up top. I can’t even see any of the threads.

  3. Very nice…. though I wish the stitched picture were larger for more detail.

    You on a business trip again??

  4. Josh – Good idea. They might do things like that there.

    Simon – I wondered whether anyone would notice the writing on the gas pump. Not surprised it was you.

    Dave – I do forget sometimes that with panoramics, the usual 750 pixels wide probably isn’t enough, because then vertically it’s too small.

    Yep, business trip again. Home now, though.


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