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New Film Rocks the (Movie) House

I check my watch. I still have time. I miss my turn but quickly pull a U and get the street I need.

I park at 5:25. There’s still time.

Nobody’s out front selling tickets. I rush through the doors and a gangly teenager with shaggy brown hair calls from the concession stand, “You need a ticket?”

“Yeah,” I reply.

My sense of victory fades as he tells me that the price on Tuesday is the same regardless of show time. I contemplate not putting off supper. I glance up at the hodgepodge of popcorn bags, but I resist. I rushed here. I made it. I’m going in now. At 5:30, the start time, I buy the ticket and make my way to theater eight.

A trailer promises an action-packed movie starring a butt-kicking Denzel Washington. It could be called, “Bible Ninja,” but apparently is Book of Eli. Another features Gerard Butler. It took a while, but ever since 300 he’s quite the action star when he’s not in forgettable romantic comedies. Wait. That’s redundant.

The main attraction comes on and within minutes I miss my son and my wife. I expected this action flick to provide a little escape from that emotion, but instead a couple in the movie has lost their young son. They also spend too much time presenting facsimiles of themselves to the public. Facebook, anyone?

I quickly get over Bruce Willis’ horrible hairpiece and into the thought-provoking thrill ride. Unlike in I, Robot, pretty much all of the technology besides the robots is the same as we have now (though the filing cabinet scene seemed almost silly). It reminds me a bit of how the avatars work in the novel Snow Crash (because the operator’s brain controls the ‘bot) and makes me squirm a little. The nearly complete lack of explosions is refreshing.

Surrogates was worth the $6.25 splurge of my own money, something I try to avoid on business trips. I recommend it.

I dial up my wife as I head to Chik-Fil-A for a comparatively light supper. My stomach needs a break.

4 Responses to New Film Rocks the (Movie) House

  1. *chuckling* most of your review was about getting there!

    I guess I’ll have to see it if you recommend it….

  2. I probably would have picked Zombieland over Surrogates, but they’re both flicks I still want to see. Also that Gerard Butler one. And what the heck’s that Denzel Washington one? Haven’t heard of it yet. Frankly, I think Bible Ninja would have been a WAY better title than Book of Eli. But that’s just me; and you know me.

    (Man! Typing out all these bloody em tags is tiring work! But I’m such a stickler for proper formatting that I can’t help myself, ya know? Almost makes me wish I had Moksha’s lackadaisical approach to typing. Almost.)

    I say that I want to see all these movies, but the sad truth is that I rarely go to see any. At best, I catch them on DVD after they come out a few months later. If, that is, I remember which ones I want to see. What normally ends up happening is I wander the New Releases section of Blockbuster (yeah, I still go there) until I see something that triggers a reaction.

    I hear there are fancy new services that mail movie rentals right to your door! Who’d’ve thunk’a that, eh?!

  3. Dave – Nothing wildly original, but engaging and fun. Worth a look, for sure.

    Simon – Oddly enough, Zombieland was my first choice, too, but I had missed the start time for that one unless I waited until the 7-ish showing. Wasn’t up to that, so I saw my second choice. Plus, I figured Zombieland would be more fun watching it with someone I know.

    We still go to Blockbuster, too. We just don’t watch enough movies to justify a flat monthly fee.

  4. Zombieland looks pretty good, but I have a thing against Woody Harrelson that makes me think that I wouldn’t like it. And that sucks cuz it conflicts with my desire to rush out and watch a cool new zombie flick. I’ll prolly catch it on NetFlix (cuz even if I don’t watch enough movies to make it worth my money…I’m too damned lazy to drive to Blockbuster (or use [em] tags properly (and yeah…I did just triple embed parentheses)))

    I have an odd desire to see Whip It. It doesn’t seem quite like my normal cuppa tea, but it appeals for some reason.

    Also, to pick up on Dave’s point, I wish more movie reviews were like this. Getting there, what they had at the concession stand, the trailers…and oh yeah, I liked the movie, too.


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