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Happy Hour with Chocolate Chips

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I stumbled upon happy hour, but I’m determined not to stumble out of it. I do have to drive myself home, after all.

I sit in The Grill, in San Angelo, Texas. Tables dot the perimeter while the inviting, rectangular bar sits in the center. Opposite one end of it, cooks bustle in a food prep area. Filaments at least five inches long glow inside clear incandescent bulbs hanging from long black wires.

My typing comes between bouts of licking chipotle sauce from my fingers. I’m plowing through the pork nachos appetizer, big enough to serve as my entire meal.

Despite the food’s quality and the red sangria’s toxicity, I miss my wife. It’s the kind of place she would love, and so I think of her.

My belt vibrates near my left hip. I frantically clear my fingers of the chipotle sauce and pull my phone from its holster. It’s my wife, and besides satisfying my desire to talk to her, the call stops me from eating more of the amazing pork nachos. Gotta save some room for the enchiladas.

Sure, I’m the only one in here with a laptop, but I don’t care. If I’m dining alone and I have a table, writing just might ensue. I wouldn’t be surprised if they think I’m some sort of food critic. Surely the professionals try to be a little more subtle.

The Grill is a little too classy for me to pull out my PocketDish, like I did on Sunday night at Logan’s. (If you haven’t seen Eric Bana in “Chopper,” I recommend it. Truly shows his acting ability. The bloodier scenes can freak out approaching wait staff, however.)

The chicken enchiladas are good, but I prefer sour cream sauce to chili con carne.

Firmly in the red sangria’s grip now, I ask D about the desserts. After her description, I order the homemade banana creme pie with chocolate chips just above the crust. Just a few bites prove that besides bananas foster, it’s the best thing to happen to that already nearly perfect fruit.

Next I think I’ll walk across the parking lot to the grocery store to buy my breakfast supplies.

Somebody stop me.

8 Responses to Happy Hour with Chocolate Chips

  1. I’m not sure that chipotle pork nachos sound all that appetizing to me. Maybe it’s just the pork bit. If they were chipotle BACON nachos, then it would be a different story. It’s amazing how a little terminology can vastly alter one’s perception of a thing, eh? Ending the meal with something laden with chocolate chips was the right move, in my mind.

    I, for one, would not have wanted to TRY to stop you from getting your breakfast supplies. You were just on too much of a roll. You were on FIRE!

  2. Pork nachos are a fairly new thing, and I’m a big fan.

    Oh, and there’s no way anyone would mistake you for a food critic. You’re too thin to play that role.

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly what constitutes a “breakfast supply?” Is that something above and beyond a grocery? I can’t help it…I have to take a stab.

    The hotel has cereal, but only the two typically obligatory types. Raisin Bran and Frosted Flakes. Naturally, you feel regular enough and don’t need any emergencies, so you skip the Raisin Bran. You don’t want the sugar in the Frosted Flakes either.

    You want your crunchy friend…Grape Nuts. But, you also need a measuring cup so you know the precise nutrient value. Hence the term….”supplies.”

    Of course maybe you’re lessened your concern with that since you did just eat Pork Nachos and Enchiladas with Sangria the night before. ;-)

  3. “you’ve” I should have proof-read a little better.

  4. If you have to be away from home, it’s nice that you are enjoying it. Everything you mentioned sounds yummy!!

  5. I’m sad to hear that I timed my meatlessness so as to miss out on this new pork nachos trend. Sounds like it would have been right up my alley.

    I, too, am curious as to these mysterious breakfast supplies. Am I to assume that you are attempting to make Simon’s grandma’s internationally famous chocolate chip pancakes from the comfort of your hotel room? And if not, what supplies are needed in a hotel for breakfast?

    Also, I enjoyed the prose in this post. I can tell you were having fun writing it.

  6. Simon – Oh, but the description on the menu made said they included cilantro, so I had to try it. Glad I did.

    Charles – I was almost doubled over laughing, because you nailed it almost exactly. I didn’t go that night because my food bill was a little more than I expected at The Grill. I waited until tonight to get my stuff — but I can’t eat Grape Nuts anymore due to the horrible gas that results. I did, however, buy cereal, lactose-free milk, a bag of plain almonds, and Kashi TLC granola bars. I’m sure A will get a kick out of that last one.

    MB – The meals are the only highlights of this trip so far (although the work part is going very well, too). Boston, it ain’t.

    Moksha – I have this funny story in my head where Moonshot catches you cheating — not with another woman, but with food. Beef, pork, haggis. She walks in and sees that not only are you partaking, but so is Lutine. Moonshot is horrified.

    By the way, thanks for noticing the prose. My love of writing is a major reason I even still keep doing this.

  7. Reading about the cereal above, my mind brings me back to an old Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, where he eats “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs” for breakfast…. *LOL*

  8. Mark – as an minimally interesting aside to your funny story, I still have dreams in which I’m eating a meal, just chatting away with friends when I suddenly realize that I’m eating a hamburger or something. As if I had totally forgotten I was a vegetarian. I’m distraught and disgusted and usually wake up a bit panicked.


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