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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Redbones

[photopress:IMG_1378_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,alignright]Following my after-dark Harvard experience, I quickly made my way back to the “T” and rode back to Davis Square, where I ate at Redbones, a southern-style barbecue restaurant. Never would I have guessed that I would find barbecue to rival that found in Memphis and Alabama (can’t speak for Kansas City). Seated at the counter in full view of the grill and the rest of the kitchen, I got a firsthand look at how it’s all done, but I took pictures of the crowd instead.

[photopress:IMG_1381_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,alignleft]I also came away with a much better understanding of what root beer can be. Tower Root Beer in a bottle — try it if you have a chance. Apparently it started in 1914, went out of production in 1978, and just returned to the market last year. It is made with (a lot of) pure cane sugar, not that corn syrup-based crap (but they now offer a diet option, too).

I got (and this time recorded) directions from a Redbones staffer and easily made it back to the main highway and then my hotel. I found during my trip that the abbreviation she used for “Avenue” is quite common in those parts.

The next day I ended up working later than I had anticipated, and missed meeting up with Dave and his brother in Boston. I was very bummed about that, but at least he had someone along with him to still have a good time.

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  1. The man goes to Boston to eat barbecue! I hope there were baked beans.

  2. Hang on a sec… Do you mean to tell me that hearing someone say “ave” in lieu of the full pronunciation of “avenue” is relatively uncommon in your experience? That’s fascinating to me. Round these parts, it’s much more common to hear the abbreviation in conversation than the whole thing. I have never even considered that someone would consider that odd.

    Reminds me of an email I had with Moksha (and you?) this one time where he had no idea what I meant when I spelled out “eavestrough”. He was all, like, What? And I was, like, Dude, they’re the rain gutters on the edge of your roof, eh?

    It’s the little things that make international relations so interesting sometimes.

    I’m really gonna hafta get to know the manual settings on my camera better, especially so I can become more adept (or at least less incompetent) at taking low-light pictures. I like these two. I especially like the “Rib Patrol” badge on the Red Bones-mobile. Face looks like that of a kangaroo to me, though. Or perhaps a wallaby?

  3. Yeah, round these parts we just say “st” for street, so the “ave” thing seems totally normal.

    Ok, that’s not true at all. We actually seem to enjoy adding extra sounds to our words. While the Bostonians are efficiently cutting our “r”s and “nue”s, We seem to be picking up those “r”s and adding them to words like Warshington. Were there a word longer than Avenue, we’d probably use it. But “eavestrough” is just rediculous.

    And I’m glad you found some good root beer…but I’ll always be partial to our local Fitz’s. But I admit to a bias on that front.

  4. You wanna know what the BEST root beer is? Yes? I’ll tell you then.

    Take a half glass of Dr. Pepper. Drop in a shot glass filled with Amaretto. Slam it. Not only is it delicious and provides you with a quick liquor buzz, but it tastes exactly like root beer. I have no idea why. Nor do I particularly care. It’s just awesome.

  5. I had some XXX Rootbeer at the Wooden Spooon on the square in McKinney, it’s the best I’ve ever had.

  6. The pictures are awesome, and like some others, I wish i could learn to take pictures in low lighting as well as you capture them Markus.


    Is it wrong that there are all of these posts and comments about famous historical places, and I’m intrigued more by Simon’s Amaretto/Dr. Pepper potion than anything else?

  7. Pops – Oddly, the beans were the only part of the meal that didn’t feel authentic. They were black beans and tasted more like a side I would expect with a burrito.

    Simon – Funny, because I think instead of saying “turn right on College Ave,” we would say, “turn right on College.” So, it isn’t abbreviating that threw me off, it was that she bothered adding the “avenue” part in any form at all. That didn’t hit me until later.

    For the top picture I just set my point-and-shoot to aperture mode (at f/6.3) and self-timer. Then I set it on the counter between another diner and me and pressed the shutter (it was open for 3.2 seconds). The self-timer’s red blinking light might have drawn a little attention, but it wasn’t as bad as using flash! For the other one I left the camera in aperture mode (at f/2.6) and held it as still as I could while leaning against a wall. Just one second for that one, but kind of long for handheld. That’s why it turned out with a little camera-shake blur.

    That sounds like a good root beer drink you have there, Simon. I like both ingredients, so I’ll have to try it.

    Moksha – Fitz’s has excellent root beer, but that was draft. This was bottled, and had a much more… rooty flavor to it. I’m not an official taster, so that’s the best I can do.

    Josh – I’m totally there. Gotta try that next time I’m dowtown.

    Charles – It isn’t wrong at all. I was at a pub on the first night of my trip, but the music didn’t start until 10 p.m. and I had to drive myself 40 minutes to my hotel check-in, so the drinking and partying readers probably were sorely disappointed in my trip to an authentic Irish pub.


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