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You Can Lead a Zorse to Water, but You Canta-Banana

Some may remember the Liger from Napoleon Dynamite. It is the animal that results from the combination of a lion and a tiger, and it is real. So are the Zonkey, the Zorse, and the Pizzly. Don’t believe it? See the link below.

For years I believed that the nectarine is a hybrid of the peach and the plum. The smooth skin came from the plum, while the rest was peach-like. Certainly, there are real hybrid fruits — Orangelo, Tangelo — but on this one, I was wrong.

Researching how long humans have cultivated hybrids, I stumbled across a thread featuring not-so-real fruit and vegetable hybrids. My favorites are the limenut and the pearkin. Find what you like here:–1079.asp

Just remember, you can lead a Zorse to water, but you Canta-banana.

4 Responses to You Can Lead a Zorse to Water, but You Canta-Banana

  1. So.. we’re down to blogging about “Freak” Fruits huh! *L*
    And here I thought all those freaky fruits were developed by mad scientists in white lab coats!!

  2. Dave – Well, I couldn’t just pass up using that headline once I had it in my head! :-)

    Although, some probably think I should have.

  3. I’ll bask in the glow of your closing pun for the rest of the day, Mark. Not sure if I should compliment you on it, or shake my fist at you for such a horrible concoction. (But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

  4. I always found it interesting that the name of the hybrid animal is different depending on the which parent was which species. Liger vs Tigon, roughly same genes, but different parental arrangement.

    I am so impressed with the Photoshop skills some people have. As someone who dabbles his toes in the waters of photo manipulation, some of those images are truly impressive.

    As for the gloriously bad title…I shall shake my fist joyously at it. Nicely done, sir.


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