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Blue Straw III: New Occupants

New Occupants
Picture taken on December 11, 2008
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There are new occupants in the space made almost-famous by Blue Straw (and, later, Red Straw).

Some of you read the saga — including photos, video clips, and a letter to local government — culminating in a rescue mission that I’m still not sure was the right thing to do. Perhaps the letter was the real mistake, because it was what left me no choice.

The new residents have been there at least six months, through several downpours, and recently I noticed a visitor.

I don’t know what the vessel on the left was, and while I can discern the purpose of the one on the right, the photos don’t provide conclusive proof whether it’s glass or plastic.

What does this new, and long-lasting occupancy tell me? First, that this storm drain has a penchant for grabbing objects. I have been checking drains ever since Blue Straw started, and have noticed only one with anything lodged in it. That was a construction site hard hat, but it was gone within a day or two, so you were spared its chronicle.

A few other items have come and gone since December, but unless they last a week or more, they don’t make it in the permanent record.

Just this month, a visitor has come along that meets that requirement. Because it better fits the profile of the original occupants, I’m pulling for it. We’ll see.

With a Visitor
Picture taken on June 16, 2009


Note the bite marks on the straw. Part of me wants to pull the straw out of that cup and have dental forensics experts identify the chewer. I could do an exclusive interview with the person who discarded the cup — backlighting and digitally disguised voice for anonymity, of course.

Or I could just pretend like I never saw any of this (like most readers probably will).

Yeah, sure.

11 Responses to Blue Straw III: New Occupants

  1. Sounds like a new storyline in it’s infancy….!

    Hope you had a nice Fathers Day… and how’s Ben?

  2. Oh, boy! Here we go again. “There was this flower in a pot, see, sitting at the bar sadly sipping on a root beer through a straw when along came a sweet talker offering a shot of something a little stronger. The ‘something stronger’ induced such anxiety that the flower pot almost decapitated the straw, and before anybody knew what was happening, the flower was in the storm sewer and all that was left was the detritus of the night of debauchery.”

    I’ll bet you can do better.

  3. Hope you had a great Father’s Day, Mark. To the topic at hand however, I have to wonder if that drain catches more than its share of debris, or if its location simply makes it more difficult to remove the debirs once it’s there. One way or another though, it certinaly seems to have quite a few occupants.

    A Pops said, the red thingy is a flower pot. Ol’ Pothead sleepin’ it off in the gutter. Bacchus would be proud ;)

  4. That was prime real estate, Mark. After you forcibly removed the last set of squatters, it was only a matter of time before another sort of family moved in to take up occupancy. Now that they’re in there, they’ll probably attract all sorts of the wrong sort of crowd. Like attracts like, and that sort of thing.

  5. Oh, and since he’ll probably come back here to check the comments at some point, I’ll wish Mr. Gren a happy birthday on this, the second day of summer.

    So, yeah. Happy birthday.

  6. Thanks, Si. Every year that goes by, I get a little closer to growing into my hairline ;)

  7. Pops – I like your story. No need for me to make up one for the orange interloper now.

    Moksha and Simon – Good points. The drain’s location does present a challenge for workers who normally clear out that kind of thing. On the other hand, it is a well-traveled spot that gets lots of attention, so it could be the occupants’ choice.

    And, happy bday to MG!

  8. Wondering if I’m invisible here…. hmmmmm

  9. Dave – Nope, not invisible. I just plain missed your question. Benjamin is feeling much better, but we continue the challenge of occupying him all day now that kindergarten is out. I have been taking some time off work, so I’ve been able to help a little. That soon will fall squarely on Shannon’s shoulders. We’re open to (free or low-cost) ideas for occupying the time and mind of a smart, energetic post-kindergarten boy (keeping in mind that outdoor temperatures already are hitting 97 on a regular basis).

  10. We’ve been right in that same temp range…but with humidity. Heat index today is supposed to be around 110 (that’s 43 for you decimal-based folks) for the third day in a row. I’m meeeeelting!

    As for Ben-type fun. I seem to remember an empty-ish neighborhood pool. If not that, you’ve got a “Jump Zone” inflatable playground down in Southlake. Norah loves that sort of thing. I don’t know what they charge but our Monkey Joes charges $5 for the same sort of thing. Just a thought.

  11. I’ve only ever been exposed to rumours of 43 degrees Celsius. Even those rumours make me want to hunker down in a tub of ice cubes and plead for relief. If I were ever actually exposed to those sorts of temperatures, all the maple syrup would drain out of my pores (after losing viscosity), and my scalp would spontaneously combust.


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