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That Thieving Utah

(Note: I have a new banner for February. I also changed the stylesheet slightly, so please force a refresh in your browser — usually by holding shift or Apple and then clicking reload.)

We’ve become pretty good friends with a very nice couple next door to us.

They’ve lived there for about a year, if I’m remembering right. We had hung out with the wife some, either during impromptu driveway moments in nice weather, or at a backyard cookout. The husband always traveled a lot in his job, so we mostly had caught fleeting glimpses.

In the past two weeks, we kept their dog over the weekend, we had a blast at a Wii party at their place Saturday, and I watched the last half of the Super Bowl with them on Sunday. It didn’t take us long to discover that they’re fun and nice, and she finished out her high school band days playing the same instrument I did (that makes us members of a very small club).

Before that, all I knew was that she was an incredible baker and they bought way too much candy to hand out on Hallowe’en.

All of that combines to equal this: it sucks that they’re moving to Utah. They’ll be gone by Thursday, actually.

Through the magic of Facebook and e-mail, we’ll try to keep in touch. I hope we succeed.

Because then I can write about my first visit to Utah.

7 Responses to That Thieving Utah

  1. Um… who is that bowling in the new banner bud????

    So sad your new friends are moving away… *frown*

  2. This is why it’s best to just make your friends online in the first place. I mean…you guys could move to Utah tomorrow and it would make no perceivable difference in our friendship. Getting wrapped up in these crazy friendships with actual physical interaction is just asking for trouble. ;)

    That said…I’m sorry to hear you’ll be loosing your new friends. It should inspire me to go out and meet more of my neighbors so I don’t get to know them just as they are loading their moving van…but it won’t.

  3. I learned a long time ago not to put off getting to know people like that, you never know how long you’ll have them to enjoy. Might explain my propensity for getting too close to people too quickly. I kind of live my life that way. Less regrets. Not to say none, just less.

  4. That’s sad, Markeroo. Unfortunately, we’ve never really gotten know any of our neighbors really well.

    Nice banner pic. Is that a crop or a stitch?

  5. Dave – The woman in the picture was at my brother’s birthday party, which I was fortunate to attend in mid-January. Has anyone noticed that the frame on the far left is a strike? Total accident that I captured it.

    Moksha – Funny you said that, because I was just telling Shannon the other day that we could move and you and the other folks I’ve made friends with via the Internet (and, in some cases, met in person) won’t care a wit.

    Wink – I like your style. Just look how many people you’ve befriended via your blog.

    Alvis – The banner pic is a crop. In the original, you can see the buy who bowled the strike, plus other features of the bowling alley.

  6. I had missed the stike (as I usually do.) Great timing on that, makes an already interesting banner even moreso.

  7. Two things now that I’m catching up with blog posts:

    I missed the strike on the far left for what I think are fairly obvious reasons. One painfully obvious reason, actually.

    And now, thanks to Alvis’s comment, I will picture Mark bounding all the way to Utah to visit the new friends.


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