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Frozen Lasagna and a Lost Benism

As I type this (7:45 p.m.) Benjamin sleeps in his bed and Shannon naps in ours. I eat Michel Angelo’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce (from the freezer section), and it’s delicious. No preservatives and only 320 calories per 8oz serving. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

But only once in a while, because 1/3 of those calories are from fat, and half of that is saturated.

Why shouldn’t I recommend foods I enjoy? Um… NFL, NHL, NBA. There? Is that manlier?

At some point during my recent illness, I got bored of being housebound and went through a large bag of junk from various times that Shannon got tired of waiting for me to clean the computer desk. I found one gem that made me smile.

As readers know, I used to post funny things Benjamin said as his brain became more analytical and he voiced his observations willingly. It was perfectly normal for either of us to dash to the refrigerator to scrawl out the latest humorous utterance, subsequently tearing off that section and placing it on the computer desk for me to use.

We didn’t date the pages, so I’m not sure exactly when we wrote this one. His speech developed beyond this right about age three, so probably no older than that. More confusing than funny, I thought it warranted sharing because, well, he’s my son. What kind of a parent would I be if I didn’t foist his perceived cuteness upon the world?

Me: Ben, that’s a Frisbee.
Ben: No, it’s not a Frisbee, Daddy.
Me: Well, what would you call it?
Ben: It’s a chrysawis, Daddy.
Me: A chrysalis?
Ben: Yes.

I have no idea why a Frisbee made him think of a chrysalis, nor whether he knew the meaning of either. It’s funny to hear a toddler try to say it.

2 Responses to Frozen Lasagna and a Lost Benism

  1. I wish I had kept a log of funny things my kids said… especially my daughter!

  2. That just makes me wonder what sort of chrysalis a frisbee would be… and what flying monstrosity would be birthed from its aerodynamic shape.

    Glad you’re feeling better… sucks that you’re back at work though, eh?


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