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Baldness for Rent

I always believed I would look hideous with a shaved head. Only some sort of financial incentive would spur me to sport a cue ball. It would be more of a cue block, really, so to protect myself and others I’ve never entertained the notion.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in New Zealand.

Apparently Air New Zealand will pay me if I shave my head and stand in a line at one of three airports (or all three, I suppose, if I make the rounds).

The catch (besides the whole smooth pate thing) is that they would first decorate my head with a temporary tattoo promoting a new check-in system. If I lived in New Zealand, this might be an easy second job, and one I could work around my unpredictable day job hours.

One application of the tattoo lasts up to two weeks, you say? Hmmm… that could have implications at the office. Better re-think this. Plus, a move to New Zealand probably wouldn’t work out for me right now.

I have at least two baldy friends reading this. Maybe you guys should do this in your area. In essence, you’d get paid for your good head.

5 Responses to Baldness for Rent

  1. Most people get paid for entirely different reasons when it comes to good head, you know? I’m just sayin’.

    Much as I’d love to visit New Zealand, I don’t think that’ll be quite enough to rid myself of the last quarter inch of hair I’ve allowed myself. I wish them well with their campaign, but I’ll stick with the good head I get here. ;)

  2. As much as I like the creativity of this campaign, I think I’ll hold off on participating. First, as Simon mentioned, we balding types do tend to cling to the final vestiges of our youthful strands, no matter how insignificant they may seem to folks such as yourself. Secondly, I feel I get plenty of this sort of advertising as I dance by Lindbergh Street in an alien mascot suit. Plus…the suit comes off when the dancing stops and no one really knows who I am when I’m out there. I feel quite satisfied in this.

  3. Hm. I wonder what the benefits are like.

  4. Yeah, but couldn’t you wear a wig at work, or do they require you stay bald all 2 weeks?

  5. Welby, family history dictates that we may not have a choice with regard to how our melons are going to look without any hair.

    Don’t look now…but our foreheads aren’t getting bigger. Our hair is just moving back.

    There is some good news. I’m not sure how many hairs the average human sports, but with your larger than normal overall pumpkin size, you’re bound to hang on to a few for awhile longer than me just based on sheer volume alone. :-)


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