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Paternal Pedaling

The dialog in my latest video is a bit quiet in spots, but I’m hoping the cinematography makes up for it (yeah, right). Quick synopsis: Ben and I set out to ride around the neighborhood at random. Within a minute he came up with our first destination, and shortly after we reached it I contributed the other. Ah, the sweet reward.

You can hear quite clearly the dumbest sentence I’ve uttered on camera. In case the first part isn’t leisurely enough, let the last 30 seconds or so take away some of your stress, courtesy of Pink Floyd.

Give it a moment to start playing after clicking the “play” button. (and don’t worry if you only want to read — there’s more of that, too.)

(If you have trouble watching it in the window above, just right-click (or Apple-click?) here to download it to your computer. Mac users, you may view the file using the free Flip4Mac WMV, as the Quicktime encoder in Adobe Premiere Elements is not very user friendly.)

***Video Spoilers Follow***

Sure, we had stopped to read a book together on the sidewalk, seen a burned house, and enjoyed donuts at the local fried dough purveyor, but as usual it was when I put away the camera that the best moment came.

Although Ben yelled, “Hey, don’t pass me,” at one point, I was glad when he finally suggested I set the pace.

Each time Benjamin completed a street crossing and made it up the slightly sloped sidewalk ramp (no small feat with those tippy training wheels), I turned and gave him a big, dorky thumbs up. If it means adding a little joy to his child’s life, every good father willingly sacrifices what little “cool” he possesses.

“Hey, Daddy, let me pass you,” Benjamin said. I worried that our steady progress since my taking the lead would devolve into the start-and-stop affair from earlier.

I pulled over to give him room. He rode past me and turned his head, flashed a smile, and gave me a big, dorky thumbs up. Then he slowed to let me in front and made the same request, repeating the move.

It was quite possibly the perfect bicycle ride.

8 Responses to Paternal Pedaling

  1. Strange.. I normally have no problem with any of your videos, but this one starts and stops, starts and stops and I get no audio.
    I’ll have to try it in IE.

    Sounds like a great ride… BTW, what did Ben have in his backpack??

  2. Dave – That’s strange. I just played it smoothly from Shannon’s laptop, and it uses a wireless connection to our DSL. Try the download link I provided right below the video, if you’d like to see.

    That will tell you what’s in Benjamin’s backpack, too.

    Everybody – I’m flying out today for a business trip that should provide blog fodder.

  3. Mark, I missed whatever your dumbest utterance was. At work, of course, and the speakers are perforce set fairly low for these sorts of things. (No, I don’t yet have any ear buds at work just for this purpose… quit bitching!)

    The bike ride looked like a LOT of fun. We have a bike with training wheels for Dex, but he hasn’t done any more than climb on it in the backyard. I’d like for him to break it in more before the summer goes away.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Ok, NOW I heard it (was a problem with the other PC I was using, it was severely punished for that!)

    I missed what the complete dumbest utterance was, and I heard everything fine now. What was it?

    Also, what’s the name of that song you used? I love that song.

  5. Cute…reminds me of my parenting days…just went to my boy’s college graduation…time goes by quickly.
    BTW, Flip4Mac played your clip perfectly on my Mac.

  6. Nice video….and apparently the camera mount works GREAT. It barely even bounced.

    I’m guessing at the sentence…

    “Yeah, but there’s a whole lot of it that you can’t see right now.”

    It was when you were clarifying the missing part of the house due to the fire.

    Am I right? I didn’t think it was bad at all, but it’s what I think you would think.

    OK…and there’s my dumbest sentence in awhile, but I’m leaving it.

  7. BTW…we’ve watched it three times now, and Putter would watch it more if we’d let him.

  8. Your statement reminds me of the quote from the real estate agent showing a farm property in NW Arkansas, “It’s not as bad as it looks; all the rocks you see are just on the surface.” Yours competes pretty well.


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