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Improv Ben

Flying BenSmashmouth Ben
Click either pic for a better look (albeit unfocusey on the first)

During one of many trips between our house and the house my in-laws just sold, I recalled a joke from the stick of the Pop Sicle knock-offs a nurse gave to Ben while he recovered from an allergic reaction to fire ant stings.
Me : What do you call a skunk that can fly?
Benjamin: I don’t know.
Me: A smellycopter.

Less than 5 seconds later came this exchange:

Benjamin: What do you call a horse that can fly?
Me: I don’t know.
Benjamin: A neighcopter.

Jumping Ben

6 Responses to Improv Ben

  1. So he is very quick witted…that is awesome! That is one of the reasons I fell in like with my husband….the love part came later! ;)

    Great story!

  2. He’s his father’s son that’s for sure! *LOL*

  3. Ben looks like he is having a crappy time!!! ;oP Why don’t they make those in grown up sizes??? The obesity rate would go down for sure.

  4. Mark, that’s fabulous timing on the squooshy-face shot there. Thanks for providing the level of detail for us to truly appreciate it. I love that expression of care-free abandon.

    The quick wit is definitely something that’s picked up from the parents. Now, should we be crediting you or Shannon more for that. Joint venture, I’m sure.

  5. If only we could keep the video rolling all day on them. I can only assume the delivery on Ben’s joke would make it even better.

    Great shots, too. That first flying one is really cool. Framable were it not for the Mardi Gras color-splosion all around ;) Maybe you could back and white everything except Ben….make it arty like that.

  6. Great stuff…

    Putter is now acutely aware of the video camera and likes to see himself on the TV. Just the other day he was “shaking his booty,” and instructed mom to “Quick, get the video camera mom…you’re gonna want to record this.”

    Even at almost 5, they still say and do hilarious things. When they outgrow this phase, I’m going to miss it. Alot.


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