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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

New Banner and New Feature

I’m off work all week and we’re finally painting a few rooms in our house after living here almost three years. That’s a record for living in one home, by the way, in our nearly 16-year marriage.

Do not read the rest of this unless you like boring update posts that don’t have any real content.

I changed the banner on June 1 and changed my stylesheet slightly. Force a refresh in your browser so it isn’t still pulling the old code from your cache. (That’s Shift-F5 for most of you, by the way, or hold Shift while clicking the Reload button. For Apple users, it’s something to do with the Apple key, I think.)

I also added a feature in the right sidebar called “Bytes of Life.” It’s the last few entries from my Twitter account. If you haven’t heard of Twitter, then you’ll probably be just fine. It’s a way to jot down a quick thought without making an entire blog post out of it, but some “tweets,” as they’re called, could lead to a longer piece.

The Twitter tweets also are a way to see what’s going on in our lives even on days when I don’t post a new entry. Perhaps only family and/or friends will find them interesting, or maybe nobody will. Whatever the case, they’ll be there barring some technical glitch from Twitter.

I don’t like relying on a third-party service for blog features — especially those blocked by many employers’ Internet filters, but for at least this week I’ll keep it out there and see how it goes.

I’ll join Anna’s Project Blue as soon as I can.

5 Responses to New Banner and New Feature

  1. That new banner pic would be a lot funnier if he were holding the hose nozzle about a foot and a half closer to his torso.

    Good luck with the on-going painting. I hope that Shan got the worst of the paint off her leg, and that you had cloths on the floor before you spilled the roller pan. Good times, eh?

  2. Good luck with the painting.. and I’m with Simon on the placement of the hose.. *LOL*

  3. Simon and Dave – Oddly, I never even thought of that picture that way. That’s surprising.

    We did have drop cloths down. That’s a misnomer, really, because it isn’t cloth at all, but plastic.

    Okay, back to re-hanging the dining nook’s bay window blinds and putting the valances back in place.

  4. I look forward to pictures of the painted homestead. Painting is one of the few home remodel type things that I really enjoy. Sort mindlessly theroputic. Zen and the Art of Housepainting, ya know. I mean….unless you spill the paint everywhere. Cuz that would totally ruin the moment.

  5. I hope you will join soon and I love the banner….great framing! :)


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