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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost


What if you replaced the word “bodacious” in Nelly’s megahit “Hot in Herre?” I think I’ve found just the word.

As you might suspect after reading here, I enjoy writing. That is a symptom of my love for words, and sometimes I will adjust an entire paragraph just to use one I like. More often than that, I tweak song lyrics. My wife doesn’t always like it, and sometimes the first thing that pops into my head wouldn’t be appropriate for all audiences. It sure is fun for me, though.

Listing my favorite words would be implausible and geeky. Or implausibly geeky. That said, here comes one now.

loquacious – (Adj.) full of trivial conversation*

To spice this up a little, let’s imagine what it might sound like in popular music. Here’s a stab at that (with apologies to Nelly for mangling his lyric and to the reader for knowing it).

Hot in Herre
(Uh) I was like, good gracious ass is loquacious.
Oh, flirtatious, tryin’ to show patience.

The original word there was “bodacious.” I’m sure Nelly chose it because it’s more succinct than “unrestrained by convention or propriety” and easier to match in rhyme than “incorrigible.”

In my version, instead of incorrigible, the young lady’s posterior is “full of trivial conversation.” I chose it because it fit the verse better than “just pulls stuff out of her butt,” which seems much more disgusting when written, and because it rhymed better than “gabby,” or “garrulous.”

I played with substituting “loquacious” for “flirtatious” instead, and that would have made sense, too. In the end, I replaced the word more similar in pronunciation.

Undoubtedly, there’s little danger of Nelly’s incorporating either into his next live performance of the song. If so, then a shout-out would be nice. That could prove to be the catalyst that pushes this blog to the next level. Now, if only I could find an alternate lyric for, “You so crazy, I think I wanna have your baby.”** Nah, that’s ridiculous enough as-is.

Before the hip-hop masses get all up in my grill, I’ll give my history with this word. That should scare them (and pretty much everybody else) away.

I picked it up in 11th-grade English; our teacher used the Reader’s Digest feature “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power” to, um, increase our word power. While I know I have uttered the word, I can’t recall a time I used it seriously in a conversation, trivial or otherwise. Nor have I used it in a written work. Perhaps all that stems from my fear that the word could be used to describe me.

So, in essence, I know what it means, but no, I’ve never had occasion to use it. Kind of like the upper-level math I learned in school. Except, I have no idea what most of it means anymore.

Reader’s Digest sponsors a free online game called WordPower Challenge. RD Canada’s version is the only one directly linkable enough to include here, mostly because you can give it a test run without registering. Ultimately, you may compete with other players, keep track of the rankings, and more. If you think you can handle facing a Canadian leaderboard, then go ahead. Finally, having a large vocabulary might actually be fun and help you crush your enemies (albeit geeky Canucks). Score!

* – Source: The multi-featured, free program called The Sage (also available in a simpler, online version).
** – Actual line from Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s “Whatta Man.”

11 Responses to Bodacious

  1. Um, sorry Mark, but I’d say you are quite loquacious!!!

  2. And here I thought this post was going to be about songs we THOUGHT had different lyrics….

    Like Foreigner’s Urgent.
    I always thought they were saying “Emergency Virgin”… kinda like a spare tire… *ROTFL*

    And BTW… who’s Nelly? *LOL*

  3. Lan – And lovin’ it!

    Dave – You get points for mentioning Foreigner. I can’t think of which song sounds like “Emergency Virgin.” Urgent?

    The Nelly song I referred to goes, “It’s gettin’ hot in herre, so take off all yo clothes.” Wang Chung did a cover of it on some weird show on NBC that was absolutely awesome.

  4. *LOL* Yeah Mark, Urgent…. for a long time, I would sing it to myself as “emergency virgin…” and thought it was quite funny.

    BTW, I was kidding about who is Nelly! *LOL*

    ps, check your hotmail bud.

  5. Mark, you are certainly both bodacious and loquacious. I’m pretty sure I mean both of those as a compliment; certainly not in reference to your own ass. Not that I’m not sure it’s a fine specimen. *ahem*

    I’m happy to assert that I’ve had opportunity to use ‘loquacious’ in both conversation and textually. Infrequently, I admit, and mostly because I saw the chance and leapt at it, but I gotta get my self-lauds in where I can.

    Dave scores points for ’emergency virgin’. That’s awesome. I’ll have to see if I can come up with any song lyric substitutions that I do on a regular basis…

  6. In college I learned that it never really mattered if what I was talking about was true or not. What mattered was my ability to make it believable. One of my best friends, also named Josh, and I would constantly answer questions and hold entire conversations about things we knew absolutely nothing about and make it all sound legit. This could only be described as talking out of our asses. So to me, our asses must have been loquacious. I wanted to go another route with this one, like my family has a history of suffering from gas pains, so when we all get together, the room is loquacious thanks to our asses. “Am I using that right?”

  7. Can I go into your brain for like….an hour? I love the way you think! Keep em coming Mark!

  8. Simon – I take pride in being both. Too many people hold that sh*t inside and it just festers until they start shooting people.

    Josh – Yes, college taught me that, too. I didn’t take it to those extremes, but I would have enjoyed making up entire conversations without any basis on facts or expertise.

    Sounds like your family needs a couple bottles of Beano!

    Anna – You all get into my brain briefly each time you read here. Scary!

  9. I’d like it unfiltered please….there is some wicked humor going on in there dude! :)

  10. I find myself wondering why you guys had to refer to college for these conversations you participated in, but had no idea what you were talking about.

    That happens at any bar at about 12:00 in any town. :-)

  11. I should have written midnight in place of 12:00….oh well.


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