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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Friends and Neighbors

Click to enlarge and sharpen (sorry, no slideshow option now, but I’m working on it — but please don’t suggest a free photo hosting site, because I refuse to use one that my work Internet filters block).


9 Responses to Friends and Neighbors

  1. You could almost name this bunch of pictures “Gone in 60 Seconds” *LOL*

    Well, even though you said not to, I’m going to suggest a place.

    Microsoft SkyDrive. 25GB of storage FREE! You can create shareable folders, public, private… real great stuff!

    Just about NO workplace blocks a Microsoft site.

  2. Dave – It doesn’t appear to be blocked as of now, but I didn’t actually create an account a log in. They block anything else considered personal storage (Flickr, smugmug, fotki, etc.) so it’s only a matter of time. I also am not crazy about associating more of my life with Microsoft. Although nothing’s for sure, my new gallery should fall way under most filter’s radar for quite some time, ensuring access for those viewing during their work breaks.

  3. Dave – Oh, and I like your suggestion for the title. Ben was a little slower finishing his because it may or may not have bounced on the driveway once.

  4. She is almost as cute as Ben!!! What are they eating anyway???

  5. What a great group of images Mark. This reminds me how much I love to people watch. So joyful aren’t they? Finding fun in the littlest of moments.

  6. That little girl certainly doesn’t *look* 25.

    And as for Ben possibly dropping his thing on the driveway once, the five second rule is expanded to at least 10 seconds when you’re outside. In case you didn’t know.

  7. Amy – Homemade, frosted sugar cookies with a malted milk egg plopped on top. Yum!

    Anna – I had brought my DSLR but was innocently engaging in grown-up conversation when my wife said, “Hey, Mark, you gotta go take their picture.” Glad I did.

    Simon – At first I thought that was for “Class of ’25,” but a quick self reminder that she will graduate at 18 years old, not in 18 years, quickly quashed that thought. I don’t know what the number on her shirt means. Probably a Dallas Stars player, considering her folks’ fandom.

    And, yes, you totally get more time when outside (even though my brother has at least once asserted that the time of contact is not important — just what is there for it to pick up).

  8. Great set! The top picture is just adorable, both their faces just so seem to be enjoying the moment. The one with Ben laughing cracks me up simply becasue she is not. That combination of faces is made quite often in the Grenstead, Moonshot stonefaced, Moksha giggling hysterically.

    Heh heh…I’m giggling just thinking about it.

  9. Awesome pictures man. The whole outside thing just reminds me that once our July 4th tradition of being together at Dad’s fizzled years ago, we haven’t had homemade ice cream a single time that I can recall.

    We’ve GOT to find an excuse to do that sometime this year on a visit. We need some orange crush and some real homemade vanilla with strawberries. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

    Anyway, I’ll see you guys in a few days, but not apparently not for as long as I’d hoped.

    How about the irony? You finally get some time off work, and with my normally flexible schedule, I can’t get free. Murphy sux.


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