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Blue Straw II : Rise and Fall of Bacchus

(Note: All of you reading “Bernie,” please go on over to my story blog for Part Two.)

For something a little less serious than my current work of fiction, I present today the next chapter in the cups’ post-drain life. It wasn’t the second installment I had envisioned, but a viewing will make it clear that circumstances dictated it.

This one is about five minutes long, and has a few (attempts at) jokes that only readers here will understand. Please give it a moment to start playing before you get worried that something has gone wrong. There’s no vulgar language or n*dity, but I wouldn’t consider it work safe — because someone might will think you’re weird.

If for nothing else, watch it for the twist (because we all know a good shocker can elevate a film from horrible to mediocre).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then may God have mercy on your soul (and click here for related reading/videos/pictures).

If you just can’t get it to play here even after a couple tries (and waiting a moment after clicking “play,”) then right-click (or Apple-mouse click) here to save the whole bleedin’ thing to disk.

16 Responses to Blue Straw II : Rise and Fall of Bacchus

  1. I responded to your comment on my blog!

  2. AND, I love the video! So glad to get the next installment of the straw saga.

    Did you even write a script for this?
    You mean… the cups are at Moksha’s house??? (or did you take them on a BUSINESS TRIP? *ROTFL*

  4. Thanks Mark for the wedding tips. I havent posted about this wedding yet. Corey already new about it. It will be in Hawaii, the sister of a friend. I am pretty excited. I mean…seriously…Hawaii? What a treat!

    Have a good one!


  5. My car just got rear-ended by a college chick – it’s no big thing: the impact was smoother than the good potholes like we have around here, but we got our bumpers scratched and spent an hour filling out a paper stating the facts and car info, which is a very bummer way to start my vacation week.

    …all of which to say that this was good timing for a cheer up, in the form of a very fun video. Thanks Mark (and his very non-anonymous contributor) for the laugh! Excellent surprise ending, too…

  6. I love it!!! You guys are nuts!

  7. Oh. My. God.

    (I’m glad one of you guys made a reference to two chicks. Because with all this talk of cups somebody was going to have to do it. I’m just glad it wasn’t me. I’m even more glad you didn’t title this post: Two Guys and Three Cups.)

    Other than that, I don’t really know where to begin. Um… the fancy new straws are nice. All transluscent and stuff. Very shiny. I’ll try to refrain from commenting on Moksha asserting his ability to write for the Simian. While his hubris and latent narcissism would more than compensate for my own (quite the sensitive lover? WTF!), there is a huge, gaping element of je ne sais quoi that simply cannot be faked. So there.

    I honestly think that I have to go away for a few hours and come back here later after I’ve processed all this. Part of my brain can’t handle it right now.

    (Although you’re right about the cute kids and hot wife part.)

  8. Simon – I’m glad to hear the project had its desired effect on your brain. The Gren is everywhere, man….he’s everywhere.

    In your defense, I don’t really think I could write your blog. Hell, lately, I can’t even write my own ;) But, I can’t help it if Bacchus has overestimated my literary talent.

    I’ll leave it to Mark to tell the tale of those fancy new straws. Glad you noticed. And I’ll leave you to stew a bit longer on the particulars of the magic involved with the film’s productions.

  9. Yes, well… my brain did do a rather convoluted series of gymnastic flips once that camera panned to the left to reveal the voice of Bacchus. (And a very fitting figure for you to voice, Moksha. A little too fitting, perhaps.)

    I can only guess that Mark’s work schedule brought him close enough to the Grenstead that some sort of meeting was made possible for an evening. And that *somebody* had the foresight to bring a couple of cups with him.

    Blue Straw looks so dashing, what with Jack standing up proudly on one side, a little worn though he is.

    Overall, I’m still rather speechless. Nicely done, both of you!

    (It took me until the fourth viewing to decipher that line, “…throw a rock to hit the Arctic circle.” Bacchus had a few too many grapes in him, I wot.)

  10. WOW!!! You did that without the Simain there??? You do realize that he could have done ONe of the voice for the dude who had to do two. Couldn’t have waited till May could you??? Well as long as Simon’s feelings weren’t hurt I am okay with it. Just a note that you guys are nutty!!!

  11. True enough, Simon. The truth is just as unmagical as you describe. The Big Effin’ Cross Mark pictured so recently is just a few hours East of St. Louis so Mark flew into and out of the Gateway City for that work trip. We got together just briefly on the night he flew in (had a burger and some rootbeer) and then met up for the filming on the night before he flew out again. Sitting in silence waiting for Mark to post the finished product gave me flashbacks to the ol’ “Gren was Here” sign. Ah, sweet.

    As much as I’d love to pass Bacchus and his speach pattern off on the effects of the grapes, the sad truth is that Mark hates beer and I didn’t want to get him too liquored up for the icy drive back to his hotel. We were both stone-cold sober.

    Also, you hsould know that Shannon has been very worried about you, Simon. She was sure that you would be offended that Mark and I got together behind your back and then conspired to keep you in the dark about it. Well sure…when you put it that way… But I just had to believe those few moments of mental “gymnastic flips” would make it all worth it for you.

    Oh, and being in the presence of the world famous storm drain cups was truly awe inspiring. Bacchus’s reaction to their fame was very easy for me to act given the reality of my star-struckness.

  12. Oh, nobody need to have worried about offending me. Only my brother and my wife have had any notable success in that regard – and even that’s infrequent.

    My mind was also sullied by horrible, terrible flashbacks to the “Gren was here” sign posted on my front door. I appreciate it when folks have, if not good intentions in mind, then at least me in mind when exercising their bad intentions. I love being thought of! (Most of the time.)

  13. Anna – Thanks! It was fun making it.

    Dave – No, no script, just as the credits indicate. And, yes, I took them on a business trip, for the express purpose of taking them to Moksha’s house.

    Émilie B – Sorry about the car accident, but glad that the zany video cheered you up a bit. I just said, “zany.”

    Shan – Yes, we are!

    Simon – Although I knew I wanted to show more cup adventures, I also figured using them for this purpose would be the perfect way to let you know that the two of us had managed to meet before May. Didn’t take a lot of extra effort, so don’t feel too left out. And, Meg didn’t flirt with me at all, so you didn’t miss anything on that front, either (don’t say, “or the back.”)

    Amy – Yes, yes, and my wife was a little concerned about that, too. But, in the end, we just couldn’t tempt fate. I mean, come on, things can happen between now and May (but won’t!).

    Moksha – I wondered whether you were in slack-jawed awe. Glad to hear you were.

    Simon – Your brother offends you sometimes? I wouldn’t know what that’s like at all… ha! Speaking of which, umm, Charles?

  14. Well, good for Shannon for being Simon sensitive. BUT hey! Wait I’m the hot wife. good for me. So what’s next???

  15. O M G That was hilarious. I loved the intermittent references to some of the more popular blog topics.

    The production is great. I was wondering if those were the actual cups or “stand-ins,” but I guess you cleared that up with your later comment.

    By the way, I noticed that my absence wasn’t noticed until you had to bring up brothers who offend. Thanks for that….MF’er. Besides, that’s what big brothers are for….page one in the manual.

    I’m ready for the next installment already.

  16. Utility knife..cream filled donuts. Too funny… I laughed even more the second time when A came in to watch it.

    I loved Moksha’s line at the very first when he credits the cups’ celebrity, and ends the sentence with, “edge of my seat.”

    I loved, “….he doesn’t even have a straw.”


    “Heros among the cups….”

    Was it planned to have Moksha tout his blog and end it that way, or was that off the cuff?

    Bravo guys.


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