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Wordless Wednesday Fourteen

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13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday Fourteen

  1. that is beautifyl–I bet that was a lot of work to create. Stunning.

  2. At first, I wasn’t stunned by this. Then I expaned it and noticed the little man there. Suddenly the scale seemed amazing to me. Then I started wondering about the u-shaped curve at the bottom. What is that? Clearly this was taken from inside a space ship. But the curve below matches the curve of the window and the textures are intriguing.

    In short…great picture.

  3. Very interesting shot!

  4. Very nice… but where is it??

  5. Okay, early today, here’s the reveal:

    This little lady (well, BIG lady) is on the Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

    I shot the picture from a second-floor window of Barnes and Noble, during our 15th Anniversary trip this past weekend.

    She has a twin, but you’ll have to tune in Thursday for more pictures.

    Miles to Go – It’s funny that I have no idea how these were created.

    MG – I barely caught that guy before he walked back inside the Hall. Until he walked out there, I didn’t realize what the shot was missing — some perspective. Thanks, stranger guy.

    Amy – Thanks for dropping by.

    Dave – See above.

    This brings me to a point about Wordless Wednesday. I checked the site at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, and already about 180 people had posted their entry.

    If you don’t get on the list until that point or later, you miss a lot of the sharing experience of the meme.

    I guess anybody who wants to participate will have to be prepared early. What next? Noon?

  6. The very first thing I saw was the dude in the purple shirt, and so my amazement at the scale of the whole thing was a pretty immediate experience for me. Then I thought, stupid angels… tooting their own horns. And she has her hand up like she’s calling more angels over to watch. “Hey guys… c’mere! Watch what the humans do when I blow this thing!”

  7. What a amazing beautiful picture. All my in laws (with the exception of my mother in law). Live in Texas. I would love to live there but my husband will not have it, and he is FROM texas!

    Great shot! Very Vibrant!

    Happy WW!

    By the way, you and your wife make a beautiful couple!

  8. I’m curious how you’ll work the number thirteen into tomorrow’s post title.

  9. Beautiful architecture!

  10. Gorgeous building. Great pic.

  11. Simon – Glad you caught the guy quickly.

    Did anybody notice that he’s holding the hand of a toddler?

    Suprina – Thanks for stopping in. Maybe your husband knows something I should know.

    MG – Oh, just you wait. You’ll see. Just. You. Wait.

    Diana – And I’m determined to find out just who was responsible and how they built it.

  12. Émilie B – Hey, nice to see your name over here. If I had just refreshed my page before adding my previous comment, I would have acknowledged you then.

  13. I love 3-D facades. Fort Worth? Wow. Didn’t know there was such interesting architecture there.


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