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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Wordless Wednesday Thirteen

NOTE: Anyone reading my latest fiction, “Off Planet,” the action ramps up today and we finally see the beginnings of a plot in Part 3. If you haven’t read any of it, you may start here (this isn’t a shameless plug abusing the WW format — I just happened to be in the middle of a story).


Wordless Wednesday Section

Please click Continue Reading to see today’s “Wordless Wednesday” post (I’m trying to avoid loading videos on the main page).

Time: 31 seconds

Press play and give it a moment. Or, right-click to download it here (Mac users, Apple-click or Option-click, or whatever it is you do).

I have to add this (sorry, I’m not very wordless, after all). Today is the 15th anniversary of the day I married that boy’s mommy. Happy Anniversary to us!

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7 Responses to Wordless Wednesday Thirteen

  1. OK, so now that I am going to throw up….

    Cute video. No words needed. I love the “OK, that is enough” at the end….he just needs to say “CUT!”

    Hehehe. Loved your comment on my post. Safely is the way I prefer to fly. :)

  2. Now I’m dizzy!

  3. He seems to have problems with that corner near the window… check his back left tire. *S*

  4. When my kid tells me, “OK, that’s enough…” it’s normally because I’ve been tickling him ferociously. But, overall, I can totally relate!

  5. Weeeee!

    I’m actually impressed with the camera work. Low camera, high speed. I have to imaging you were stooped over and waddling fairly quickly.

  6. Anna and jj – I figured the camera motion might make some folks queasy.

    Dave – Good call.

    Simon – Now when he chases a dog or a child, he’ll have to learn the subtle difference between the two reasons for running away (“just try and get me,” or “stay back, you evil crumb grabber”). Sometimes four-year-olds aren’t so good at detecting emotional nuance.

    Apparently daddies aren’t always that great at it, either.

    Thus, Ben’s final declaration above.

    MG – A little stooping, but the handy, tilting pop-out LCD makes it easier to do this type of shot. I love getting down at a kid’s level for any type of photography.

  7. Woah, that does make you a little dizzy. Great Wordless Wednesday post, but Ben got in a few words!

    Happy Anniversary guys!


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