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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Birthday Two Times Two

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Zero score and four years ago a mother and father brought forth on this continent a new boy, conceived in the bedroom and dedicated to the proposition that all children aren’t created equal.

Now we are engaged in a civil war, testing whether that boy or any boy so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.
– (My mangling of the Gettysburg Address’ first two lines.)

Hey, even President Lincoln needed several tries before he got it right, and arguably he had a lot more riding on his work than I do here.

My point is that four years ago today my wife pushed, squealed, shouted, cried, and pushed some more. Then, there in the doctor’s hands, all purply and beautiful and glistening in a coating of my wife’s various fluids…

… was the placenta. I never knew such deep blues and rich purples could come from the human body. I’ve wished ever since that I had taken a picture.

But a few minutes before that, after much of the same madness from my wife, Benjamin came out to meet us.

I was ill-prepared, to say the least, for the emotions that washed over me. My bonding with him hadn’t truly begun until that moment. I hadn’t held him for nine months (well, let’s say eight months and change) like Shannon had. I started making up for lost time.

We were in for something far more difficult than any childbirth class could ever intimate.

And far more rewarding.

Happy Birthday to my son, a bundle of energy I admire and intelligence I sometimes fear. Never before have four years of my life held such meaning and purpose, demanded so much of my time and attention, changed me so much for the better.

Here’s to you, Ben, and to more of the same.

Here he is on June 19 of this year, his whole amazing life before him.

Rock on, Ben. Rock on.

12 Responses to Birthday Two Times Two

  1. Happy Birthday, Ben! You have no context by which to understand this, but you are lucky beyond imagining to have a Dad who loves you so much. And lucky also to have a cool plastic dinosaur…those things rock!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ben!! We love you!

  3. Ahem …. what about his Mom, the one who did all of that pushing and screaming and squealing? I’m just sayin’.

  4. Oh, he’s very lucky in the Mom department as well…but his Dad was the one who just wrote the touching tribute to which I was responding. I’m sure he’s also very lucky in the grandparent department, possibly even the friend department and clearly the blog cheering section department. They just fall outside the scope of above discussion.


  6. Happy Birthday, Ben!! You are indeed a very lucky little boy, but don’t know if your luck compares to the luck of all of us who love you. You are a joy and a blessing!

  7. Happy Birthday, Ben! See you soon.!

    I’m glad you didn’t get a picture of the placenta.

  8. Nice job backstepping, Moksha. I just wanted to see ya squirm. ;-)

    Happy Birthday to my precious boy!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Ben!
    I wish I could meet you face to face… and tell you what special parents you have.

    ps, I was bonding with both my kids, while they were still inside my wife. I told stories, and told them to HURRY UP AND COME OUT! *LOL*

    And… unlike most people today, we did NOT want to know what we were having until the birth.

    Um…. time for another Mark and Shan???

  10. Happy birthday wee Ben! He is indeed quite fortunate to have the parents backing him up that he does. They’ll be able to protect him from the sudden but inevitable betrayals that plastic dinosaur toys are prone to do.

    Also, speaking from knowing my own wife’s reaction, I’ll just bet that Shan’s sort of glad there was no camera handy to capture the vivid hues of the placenta.

    We are all ill-prepared for the rigours that parenthood thrusts upon us, but the adaptability of the human being is an amazing thing, especially where love enters the mix.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to darling, smart Ben. :-)

  12. Happy belated Birthday Ben! What great images as well! They grow so fast! Seriously, I think I just turned into my mother when I said that! Sorry…


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