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Lavakan: Coming to Your Neighborhood

My page-a-day calendar mentioned this invention, and I had to share.

It’s a washing machine for pets.

Here’s a page (with images) on the company’s website.

One groomer’s website suggests (with pic) that kids can join in, too. He seems like he couldn’t be happier.

One of the inventors of the Lavakan (Spanish for, roughly, “dog washer”), mentioned that cats aren’t quite as keen on the idea as their canine counterparts. “But it’s better than having a cat attach itself to your face, which is what can happen when you try to wash one by hand,” Andres Diaz said.

Umm… don’t cats kind of handle that themselves? We had a cat when I was a little boy, and I don’t remember anyone bathing him. Whatever the case, a cat in a Lavakan must be one heck of a show.

13 Responses to Lavakan: Coming to Your Neighborhood

  1. I don’t see the point. We just stick Arlo in the washing machine…he loves the spin cycle.

  2. I think mainly this machine is for wusses.

  3. Put a dog, a kid, and a cat in all at the same time.

    Watch the magic happen!

  4. Our big baby of a dog would never go near that thing. We had many cats growing up and never bathed them.

    We got a cat after getting married and after about a month I caught the loving wife with the cat in the sink. The cat sounded like a someone playing a violin with a chainsaw.

  5. If I had a dog or a cat, I would most likely drop them off at regular intervals at the one-hour dry cleaners.

  6. It looks like a popcorn machine! *LOL*

    Good grief… they’ll patent anything I guess….

  7. Simon – WWIII in a can!

    Blitz Krieg – Now that I know this thing is in use, I’m tempted to call every groomer in the metroplex to find one I can watch.

    Linda – That would make for a strange scene when you go to pick up your pet, seeing it hanging from that motorized clothes hanger/conveyor (whatever it’s called).

    Dave – Yep. What can we invent?

  8. Well, think of something you HATE to do, and invent something to do it for you!

    So, what do YOU hate doing??

  9. “The cat sounded like a someone playing a violin with a chainsaw.”

    LOL-That actually made me laugh out loud.

    Sure you could put a cat in there. It has a door…

  10. Poopy’s ex-wife was very fond of her cats. (Translate that into overly permissive)- I guess that she pushed him (PD) to the edge on many occasions, the details on which I will not elaborate. I’ve heard that there was one particular incident where he had a cat in one hand and the microwave door open with the other. Luckily, that’s as far as it went… But you didn’t hear this from me. ;-)

  11. A former co-worker of mine came home to find his wife had adopted a kitten. He walked to the kitchen sink, filled it, his wife the whole time pleading, “What are you doing?”

    He grabbed the kitten, walked across the living room and the kitchen, and shoved it under the water. He held it there until it stopped moving.

    I actually went on a hike with that guy, and people thought I was crazy for it. He was very nice, as long as you weren’t a cat.

    (the story is so disturbing to me because otherwise he was a very nice guy)

  12. For my sister’s rambunctious dog, that would be cool to see how he would react to something like that. The vet may use a contraption like that in the first place.

    To the idea of putting the kids in as well, my answer is no way. I would never recommend taking a bath with a pet. However, my Mom probably would have like this device to just put me in by myself years ago.

    It is true that cats can bathe themselves. On occasion, we had to take the cat to the vet to be bathed. Why? When we had a very bad flea season several years ago, we had to have our cat bathed because he was scratching and scratching to the point of scratching off his fur. The vet said that he was covered head to paws with fleas and flea eggs. Imagine that thought.

    Another time years ago, my dad put one of those metal oil catch pans under the car. Guess who got curious and got under the car one night to see what was under the car? The cat had to be bathed after that.

    If you keep a cat indoors, cats sometimes begin to smell. My sister bathes her cats.

  13. It does look like a popcorn machine. I can see where that might go. Once you traumatized an animal in the contraption, you could forget ever taking them to the lobby of a hotel where they often times have a popcorn machine for the guests.

    “Why is your pet freaking out sir?”


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