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Does This Make Me a Podcaster?

(NOTE: Readers of “Apartment Life Returns” get a new chapter that ramps up the action)

Alvis brought his son A over on Saturday night while his wife and mine went to see a local high school’s stage production of “Footloose.” Shannon said it was one of the best shows she’s seen, and it was only $7.

At our house, a musical show of a different ilk was going on. Well, among other things like playing with cars, tinkering with computers, and talking about guy stuff (but not our prostates, because that’s old guy stuff).

I whipped out my handy digital recorder and captured a few moments. Ben accompanies himself on triangle (all I wanted was more cowbell!), which should help explain the seasonal theme.

Here, Ben and A sing Jingle Bells (0:42)

In this clip, Ben shushes me (0:11)

Finally, we have Ben singing “Frosty the Snowman,” at my request. He was a little sketchy on the lyrics (0:18)

For all these I used the built-in mic on my DS-20, with the sensitivity set to dictation mode. My binaural mics would have sounded much better overall and would have created wider space between all the sounds, but sometimes one just has to capture the moment.

8 Responses to Does This Make Me a Podcaster?

  1. Nah… I figure a podcast has to be your own voice, speaking about something on purpose… not just capturing ambient sounds. That’s how I’d define podcast!
    You should do one… it’d be great to hear your voice and views on any subject!

  2. Gee, warn a guy, would ya Mark? You end one paragraph talking about your prostate and begin the next with “I whipped out my…” I was seriously scared there for a second!

    Ben’s got a future in music if he wants it. From a triangle at three years, he can probably do a cow bell by four and then by his late teens will be good enough to replace Charlie Watt as drummer for the Rolling Stones. Since, of course, they’ll still be touring 15 years from now.

  3. I’ll say this…he kept the beat. And that’s more than I can say about some adults.

    I’d agree, that this is not podcasting….but it’d be interesting to have one nice podcast. Si gave us his short film “Sitting at a Table and Talking” so I think a recording of you speaking a post would be well recieved.

  4. Dave – I agree it was not a podcast, and I’m ashamed to admit that until I read your comment this morning, it never “clicked” for me that “podcast” is a play on the word “broadcast.” Sometimes I are slow.

    Simon – Sorry for the lack of warning. I think you used the “whip it out” phrasing in some form recently, so I’m blaming you. ;)

    Ben threw in some cymbal at about the :25 mark of the longest clip. Charlie Watters better wattch out.

    Funny you used the number 15. Van Halen’s latest resurrection tour (bringing back David Lee Roth) features not Michael Anthony on bass, but Eddie’s son Wolfgang — a 15-year-old. Some of these guys won’t stop until they or their offspring stop breathing.

    MG – He did keep the beat fairly well. Later, he was clearly banging out the rhythm of the chorus.

    I might just try a podcast sometime. Hmm…

  5. Alright mighty sound god, I need a little guidance. I consider myself to be an old school audiophile, spending much time with my son and daughter working on the music they record in our basement studio and archiving old concerts I had recorded on everything from 8-tracks to a Phillips 8-track reel to reel. When it comes to putting any of it in cyberspace I’m a complete idiot. (That is why my HP phone call was done on youtube.) May I ask what you use in this post? It both sounds and looks great. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. *laughing* I’m still WAITING for you to do a real podcast!!! I think we’d all like that.

    hint, hint, hint!

  7. Van Halen Resurrection Tour? What? I knew I had read that Wolfgang had been playing with him, but I didn’t know they were going to get Roth and hit the road.

    We are going to HAVE to go see that. It’s a family tradition..after all. Long live EVH!!

    Nice recordings. Ben has it right. That’s always the biggest thing in any live musical performance…just make it to the end. Botch a word or two….people probably won’t notice. Completely stop…they can’t miss it. So you make up some words along the way…big deal. I did notice once that it sounded like he said the word skirt during the Frosty rendition toward the end. Not sure on that one…but it seemed to fit pretty well. :-)

  8. Blitz – I e-mailed you some details. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. Converting those old analog sources into digital is not too bad, and can be very, very simple depending on how you do it.

    Vague enough?

    Dave – I don’t have quite the broadcast voice you do, but I might give it a whirl.

    Charles – I’m in, bro. I’m having trouble finding a tour schedule, but the site says they’re doing 40 shows. Should be one close enough for us to go.


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