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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Get Your Loin Cloth Here (pic of the week)

I resisted posting possible slogans for this store. Any suggestions?

The picture above is a perfect example of having the camera handy at all times.

Ben and I were on our way back from the in-laws’ house. He had napped there while I met with folks about our upcoming but still nascent Lone Star Shindig — the annual event for “Firefly” and Serenity fans to gather in Texas. This year, the Dallas/Forth Worth Firefly group is hosting, and I’m Public Relations/Editor/Photographer guy. We’re piggybacking off a more established convention featuring science fiction writers.

But I digress.

As Ben and I headed down the final, long stretch on the way home, the sign pictured caught my eye. I slowed immediately and changed lanes.

“What are you doing, Daddy?”

“Making a U-turn, son.”

“A U-turn?”

As I snapped a few shots of the red letters, Ben chimed in again.

“Why are you taking a picture?”

I wanted to say, “It says, ‘a cock.’ That’s funny.”

Because I’m an adult and a father, but not a grown-up, I said, “I like that sign, so I’m taking a picture.”

Bonus Pic

Ben and I search under the oven for long-lost cars and other tiny toys.

Sure, we pulled out a few dust bunnies, but nothing we couldn’t handle. His reward for sticking with me for the duration? Twelve “new” toys. The flashlight, one of Shannon’s Christmas gifts from my parents, uses LED’s and is charged by its built-in hand crank. Thirty seconds of cranking powers it for two hours.

Why aren’t more things powered that way? Does the battery industry pay powerful lobbyists?

25 Responses to Get Your Loin Cloth Here (pic of the week)

  1. Oh my!

  2. In the navy we called those bunnies “ghost turds”.

    As for slogans: We Got Your Cloth….Hangin

  3. Sure… next thing you know, I’ll have to crank for 2 hours to make my notebook PC run all day! *LOL*

  4. John – You may have unintentionally come up with the best slogan.

    Blitz Krieg – I’m sure the Navy had alternate names for lots of things. ;) Thanks for the slogan.

    I added The Snob Log to my blogroll, by the way.

  5. Dave – Does the $100 laptop require cranking? I heard about some kind of prototype that was charged that way.

  6. Um…”Shrinkage May Occur”?

    I’m thinking that’s the sort of sign malfunction you get fixed quickly. And if the sign company is backed-up…maybe a well placed BB to the first c. Cuz, maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see the typical Hancock Fabric crowd being as amused by that as we are. But I could be wrong…I’ve known some dirty old ladies.

  7. “You should see the size of the crochet needles we carry!”

    “This week only: Peter Heaters are marked down 40%”

    “Pleasure her with paisley.”

    “Our merchandise is handled more than yours; come see why.”

    6 – 8 inches
    Girth negotiable
    Serious applicants only

    “Our condoms are only tested 35% effective, but they’re the comfiest!”

  8. Moksha – Good one.

    I don’t drive by there often, but it will be fun to see how long it takes.

    Simon – Somehow I knew we could count on you.

    Mine is a song title from a band called Vova Nova (who opened for Human Radio at a Little Rock club).

    “Wrap that rascal.”

    Their song was about birth control, but it fits here. (ahem)

  9. I toyed with writing a few more…but sadly I just can’t touch the Simian on this one. His powers of perversion are too great for this little gren.

  10. Just imagine how hard it was for me to keep the semantics suitable for a family audience! I managed to avoid using the word ‘cock’ even one time.

    If it were a movie it could be touted as the long-awaited sequel to A Scanner Darkly. Which I’ve never seen, but the contrast in titles strikes me as amusing.

    I’ve been accused of being both insane and perverted this week. Most vocally by a man with the audacity to compare himself to the dichotomy proposed by the confluence of the transcendence of phenomenal being with that of a particularly vile being. From such a source it is something, quite frankly, I cannot refute.

    Maybe it stems from the fact that my wife’s been gone all week and I just need a really good bootie call. Few ills go unresolved or are not lessened in such a scenario. Or perhaps it’s nothing more than another sign of my growing perversion.

    Mark, it’s your seemingly most innocuous posts that stir the pot the worst. I weep.

  11. There’s just no place here for me today. I’m taking my toys and going home…
    It’s ok though, honest. :-)

  12. I wanted to post a comment about that second picture. You’re sure a swell dad to go digging under your stove to rescue Ben’s ‘new’ toys. Such attentiveness and concern for your child is a worthy act, and one that goes without the lauds it deserves more often than not. Too often we focus on the banal and sullied aspects of information presented to us – indeed, even going so far as to infer some where there is none. Instead, let us all give a moment in appreciation for documented instances where the high road is trod with a steady and unrepentent pace, a head is held high with pride and love, and a man thinks not of being a man in his actions, and so unavoidably becomes one.

  13. Simon – Innocuous? You saw the picture, and my invitation for folks to riff on it, right?

    That last comment of yours is downright touching, Simon. Nicely said.

    It was kind of fun, going on a mission with my boy.

    When I accidentally dredged out one of the Littles, there was brief panic as Shannon screamed, “Mouse, mouse.”

    I eased her mind when I explained it was only Lucy Little trying to drive one of Ben’s wind-up cars. Crisis averted.

  14. Did I neglect to say your new banner is quite beautiful?

  15. Linda – Thanks. Sometimes I think everybody assumes my banners are stock photos. This one I shot downtown here locally. That’s sidewalk in the background, not beach or anything exciting. Still, I liked the plants’ colors. Their movement in the breeze was nice, too.

  16. Ran across this site, thought all the geeksters in the vicinity might enjoy;

  17. The new banner really is beautiful, Mark. Now that you point it out, I can see the sidewalk…but I had assumed we were looking at a sand dune or something peaceful like that. Wonderful shot.

    I wish I could change the banner on my blog…but Blogger makes it difficult (or at least beyond my feeble html knowledge) with their use css.

    Si – I found your last post to be insightful and articulately stated. However, I must protest the idea stated in your penultimate post that my moniker reveals some level audacity. I assure you this confluence of lofty spirtual goals and baser instinct was claimed with the utmost humility. I do not claim this dichotomy as something inhabited by myself alone, but rather symbolic of any person. Are we not all insitinctual creatures with our eyes raised to the heavens? Have we not all staked a claim to this nebulous realm of gray “halfway between the stars and the gutter?” I have but embraced both aspects of my person as things of beauty. I have but given name to my middle way.

    However, I will agree with your conclusion that I am a source above refute. (Damn…there goes my humility)

  18. Mokker – The photo makes me all serene inside.

    If you turn away from the Dark side (Blogger), then you will quickly feel newfound freedom.

    Did everybody notice that Linda used bold text and created a link in her above comments? Nice work, Linda-Lou!

  19. Marky Mark, so glad you noticed *all proud-like* BUT, Dude, I did it on another blog (somewhere?) without Quicktags!!! I am an awesome and amazing source to be reckoned with, don’t you think? I am SO expanding my horizons. Maybe someday Mo-ShaG an’ me will join the ranks of you pompous elite BlogSnobs, but as it stands now, he and I are secure in each of our own rights not to have to rely on more advanced methods of expressing ourselves. You’re welcome in advance, JT.

  20. I ain’t secure…I’m just too lazy to swtich and worried that the non-techie folks who follow my blog might get lost while trying to find the new address. Although…I do like the fun pictures that get posted with the comments on Blogger.

  21. Mark, I knew you took your own banner pics, but I fully assumed this current one to be a beach or something. Technically, there is lots of sand in it. (Aside: thinking of sidewalks, as one who works in construction, it bugs me all to hell when people use the terms ‘concrete’ and ‘cement’ interchangeably. Cement is one of the four main ingredients that make up concrete. It’d be like showing up at a friends party with a cake and getting complimented on how marvellous your flour tasted.)

    Remember Mark, Moksha may be stuck using Blogger, but content is king, regardless whether it’s wrapped in gold foil and tied off with strings of pearls, or slapped together using last year’s sunday comics pages and a half roll of duct tape. (I’m indirectly saying Moksha – and Linda, also stuck using Blogger – have good content.)

    Man, am I a blog snob or what?

  22. Reminds of those times that I have seen:


    I wonder if someone would call and claim he/she thought the store was A. Cock Fabrics.

  23. Linda – Learning some HTML, eh? It’s pretty easy to understand once you look at a little bit of it.

    Moksha G – I admit, my blog was very young and had a tiny following when I made the switch.

    Simon – Yes, I know what you mean about the difference between cement and concrete. Kind of like when Bobby Hill tells people, “My daddy says butane’s a bastard gas.” You just can’t use “butane” and “propane” interchangeably.

    Still, though, my favorite Hank Hill line is, “Bobby, if you weren’t my son, I’d hug ya.”

    And, yes, the content is what matters. But, each time I hear someone rant about Blogger doing something bad, I can’t help trying to help.

    John – Then there are those signs that are intentionally funny. Convenience store/burger joint just down the road from my childhood home: “Eat here, get gas.”

    And, of course: “Over 10,000 sold. Watch out, McDonald’s.”

  24. Mark…good recap of the sign at Larry’s. But, the best one was actually on the back of his soda machine inside.

    “This ain’t Burger King. You get it my way, or you don’t get the damn thing.”

  25. Charles – Yes! I remember that one, too. Classic. Larry was a classic.


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