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Sporadic Seven

Shannon Rides a Jackalope
Shannon rides a Jackalope in 2002.

Don’t tell any bad people, but we’re going on vacation. Judging from the picture above, it’s safe to say you never know what we might see.

We leave Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

As far as anyone reading this knows, we have a housesitter who shoots prowlers then drags them into the house for legal purposes. At the very least, we have watchful neighbors and an alarm system.

During our trip, posts may be sporadic. Rest assured, however, that they will be filled with photos, mishaps, haps, and general feel-goodery. No mishaps would be good, actually, but that long on vacation with 11 people in one house? Yeah, you get the idea.

Oh, and I’m going to try my level best (always wanted to use that term) to keep going on “Apartment Life.” That one has turned into much more than I originally planned. Of course, Ronnie’s sudden rollover onto Trena was all I had before I started typing.

Check out our last vacation that I posted as it happened, over on a blog I made just for that purpose, Back to 13. Scroll to the bottom and work your way up. We went to Baltimore, MD; Bethany Beach, DE; and other places. There’s also a separate online album for that trip. Not until I found a photo album plug-in for my blog did I ditch that concept. I wanted folks to be able to comment on everything in one spot.

To see my first example of such a journal, check out our trip to western Wyoming for our 10th anniversary. I created that blog (my first) back in 2002 because I heard Blogger was a good way to keep an online journal, and members of our family had shown interest in such a thing. It was the first time since our honeymoon that we planned and paid for a trip all on our own, with only our faithful dog Lexie by our sides. We were thrilled.

Scraping by for several years and living in a trailer park will do that to you.

After the trip was over I ended up taking it off Blogger and flipping the posts to appear chronologically from top to bottom. Please remember when reading it that I was in the mode of writing for people who read daily, so they had 24 hours to forget the tedium before returning to it. Still, some pretty good stuff in there, especially the part about birds crapping on Shannon more than once. The 86 accompanying photos alone tell much of the story. The Grand Tetons (translation: big boobs) should be temptation enough.

Unless you see otherwise, expect my usual Monday post to start the week. Sunday, as usual, is doubtful, but on vacation all kinds of crazy things can happen.

6 Responses to Sporadic Seven

  1. I’ll miss you miserably but a little less so, knowing that you won’t be thinking about us. Very much. Have one Gr-r-r-reat time. And a safe trip.

  2. Have a great time Mark, and Shan (and Ben of course!)

  3. Vacation?! What the heck is a vacation? I seem to recall having taken one o’ them at one point in my life, but it’s all getting blurry…

    Sort of like eight hours of uninterrupted sleep: it’s just a myth, man!

  4. Wow, that looks like more fun that I would even know what to do with! I hope you don’t get chafed!

  5. Linda – We will have a great time, of course. Hey, for me, it’s enough just to stay away from work for a week.

    Dave – Thanks. That means a lot coming from Mr. Vacation himself.

    Simon – Dude. We consider ourselves very fortunate. I wish we could somehow share the wealth, but our wealth ain’t the source for this trip’s funding.

    jay – Thanks for commenting. Chafing? Nah, I know nothing about chafing.

    Can everybody tell that it’s a rainy, windy day on our first day of vacation? Why else would I be out here typing right now?

  6. Drat, drat and double-drat for you Dude. Hope that goes away…


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